Who is the better team? – Everton or Spurs

    Tottenham Hotspurs FC v Everton FC

    With this vital game likely to be missing some of the Everton and Spurs stars in Sandro, Defoe, Walker, Lloris, Fellaini, Pienaar and Hibbert, we wanted to compare line ups (On paper and in my head) to see where each teams strengths lay.  These line ups may change as always and although Everton don’t really have a massive squad and it’s only likely Neville that will come in, Tottenham could call upon players such as Holtby, Caulker and Huddlestone to strengthen their lineup.


    Brad Friedel V Tim Howard

    Brad Friedel, in my opinion, has been one of the best keepers ever in the Premier League.  Since he was discarded by our noisy neighbours Friedel has gone from strength to strength and is still one of the best Back-up keepers in the Premier League.  Playing in the Premier League at the age of 41 is an accomplishment in itself and although age is obviously catching up with Brad, he still looks very capable.

    Like Friedel, Tim Howard has also been a very good Premier League goalkeeper but is always prone to a mistake.  On the flipside, for the mistakes he makes he will often pull out a wonder save and I am still fully confident in Howard.

    Friedel 7.5 – Howard 7.5

    Kyle Naughton V Seamus Coleman

    Kyle Naughton, to Evertonians, is the one that never kind of happened.  He was about to sign for Everton when Hawwy Wedknapp did some wheeling and dealing to secure the 2 Kyles (Walker & Naughton) from Sheffield United.  Naughton has taken some settling, but after a decent loan spell with Norwich last season he looks to have forced his way into the team at right or left back.

    Seamus Coleman is enjoying a fine season following a couple of years of injuries.  He really is the Everton player that goes under the radar of most teams.  He has definitely been one of the most important players to Everton this season, providing great balance and attacking threat that we have always shown down the other flank.

    Naughton 7 – Coleman 8

    Michael Dawson V Phil Jagielka

    Dawson and Jagielka are very hard to split at club level and internationally.  They are both good old fashioned defenders.  Dawson has proved his mettle to AVB this year having nearly been sold to QPR and he has forced his way back into England reckoning with some solid displays.

    Likewise Jags has played well without having the clean sheet record to prove it.  Strong in the tackle and dependable, Jagielka has never quite reached the form before his serious injury, but is still a fearless defender.  He does hold the record this season for the most amount of longballs that don’t find a team mate!!!!!

    Dawson 8 – Jagielka 8

    Jan Vertonghen V Sylvain Distin

    Vertonghen has been one of the best buys this season and it is no wonder that David Moyes tracked him for so long, without being able to raise the funds or tempt the player.  A left sided centre back, vertonghen has shown strengths in attacking aswell as defending, scoring 5 goals in his debut Premier League season.  Distin on the other-hand has proved again what a good signing he has been by David Moyes.  Distin still has pace to burn in the Prem, despite being 35 and is solid.

    Vertonghen 8.5 – Distin 8

    Benoit Assou-Ekotto V Leighton Baines

    BAE is one of footballs honest men.  He plays for the money, not for the love of a club.  Spurs fans appreciate that honesty and he went from being the scapegoat to a bit of a cult figure.  Without the mighty afro of Fellaini on show on Sunday, BAE can bring another of footballs favourite haircuts to the party aswell as solid left-back displays.

    Leighton Baines on the other-side is just brilliant.  Leading Europe on key passes in the final third, Baines has proved for England and Everton why he is rated as the Premier Leagues best left-back.  He seems to have an engine that never conks out, he is as important to Everton as Bale is to Spurs.

    BAE 7.5 – Baines 9



    Aaron Lennon   V Kevin Mirallas

    Lennon, like Seamus Coleman is one of the most underrated players for Spurs.  Although his goals and assists can be improved on, Lennon is just an attacking powerhouse in a midgets body.  He is the player that Spurs say they can’t replace (more so than Bale in a lot of cases).  Signed for a bargain from Leeds, Lennon has proved himself an excellent signing.

    Mirallas was what Everton were missing, Pace, Skill and Goals.  He is just awesome and it’s a shame that injuries have affected him this season.  He has everything and will only get better.

    Lennon 8.5 – Mirallas 8.5

    Scott Parker V Darron Gibson

    When Sandro was ruled out for the season, Scott Parker had big shoes to fill, having only just come back from injury himself.  He struggled when he first came in the team, but in recent weeks Parker has proved himself key to the Spurs midfield.  He doesn’t offer key passes or that many goals, but he does offer solid midfield play and is able to get amongst the opposition.

    Darron Gibson has been an excellent signing from Manchester United, he has a great combination of passes, he can tackle and he can shoot (although he seems to have stopped doing this).  For £500k Gibbo has been a Moyes master stroke

    Parker 7.5 – Gibson 8

    Moussa Dembele V Johnny Heitinga

    Dembele was showing signs at Fulham that he could dominate the Premier League and although his form hasn’t been as good at Spurs in his first season he is still a very good player.  He is strong, has good control and has a decent strike.  He can also hold position and defend when needed.

    Heitinga on the other hand hasn’t had a very good season and looks out of sorts.  Last season’s club player of the year, Heitinga is actually a very good player, but he looks unsettled and out of form.  The last few matches have shown signs of a recovery, so maybe not all is lost.  Whether Jonny plays as a cb or cm is still to be seen, although he isn’t a CM!!!!!!

    Dembele 8 – Heitinga 7

    Gareth Bale V Leon Osman

    Gareth Bale is in the media more than Jordan at the minute.  The lad goes from strength to strength.  Literally.  He has been superb this season and needs Champions League football.  Although he is not quite up to his level yet, he looks to have been following the Ronaldo plan of improving a different part of his game every couple of weeks.   Bale is in his best scoring season for Tottenham this year and missed the match earlier in the season against Everton.  He could be the difference in this match, especially if given a free role.

    Osman has finally been recognised by England this year having previously been overlooked.  Confident on the ball and technically very good, what Ossie lacks in explosivity and pace, he makes up in desire and ball control. He often goes unnoticed in games despite putting in good work.

    Bale 9.5 – Osman 7.5



    Gylfi Sigurdsson V Victor Anichebe

    Sigurdsson turned down Liverpool, so he will get a good reception by the Everton Faithful! Ha.  Gylfi proved what a decent player he was with Reading before a move to Germany and a very successful loan move to Swansea FC.  Brought back to provide goals to the Spurs midfield, Sigurdsson is fairly similar to Dembele in the fact that he probably hasn’t fully settled yet and his best is yet to come.  That said, he is a threat and will need to be watched.

    Anichebe, like BAE was the fans scapegoat.  A perceived lack of effort and desire and constant whinging was an annoyance of the Goodison crowd, but in the last 18 months Anichebe has completely changed as a player and is now making up for lost time.  A beast of a man, Anichebe has the strength and hunger that could turn him into a real Premier League force.  Often derided for a lack of goals, in the last season and a half, Anichebe has started scoring much more frequent and has forced himself to number 1 in the pecking order or strikers.

    Sigursson 7.5 – Anichebe 8

    Emmanuel Adebayor V Nikica Jelavic

    Adebayor came to Spurs on a goal trail and he looked like he was going to carry on the scoring exploits he had displayed throughout his career.  Although, he was not always the most enthusiastic of players, Adebayor nearly always scored.  This season, he has been frustrated by lack of form and injuries and he has also frustrated the White Hart Lane faithful with a lack of effort.  He has gone in polar direction to Anichebe.  He is still a threat though.

    Jelavic, like Adebayor, came to Everton on a red hot streak, scoring with virtually every first touch at the end of last season.  Evertonians believed they had the 20 goal a season striker they have dreamt about.  This season has seen Jelavic’s scoring boots go missing.  He often looks to be trying to hard and frustration has crept in.  Jelavic again is still a threat, but he looks a shadow of the player that came in last season.

    Adebayor 7 – Jelavic 7



    Spurs 87 – Everton 87


    In Summary

    Spurs and Everton on paper look fairly similar, so this tie could come down to the Managers.  AVB has had a good season having taken over from a Spurs side that finished 4th.  He has the money to be able to transform the Spurs side and help them compete every season.  Having worked under Jose Mourinho, he has picked up a tactical nous that may help them against a dogged Everton team.

    David Moyes has generally led Everton to finish each season strongly, this season the blue boys have been very inconsistent though and with a lack of squad depth, it may be a bridge too far to replace Fellaini and Pienaar.  This match will go a long way to determine whether Everton are still in the hunt for a Champions league place, but it is still in Everton hands.  Coping with Gareth Bale could prove to be key in defeating Spurs and Moyes may opt to pick Phil Neville who did a very good job on Bale a few seasons ago.  Unfortunately, Bale is twice the player now and Neville has been going the other way, so it’s to be seen.


    Please feel free to discuss this at or below.

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    1. Expected to be Lloris and Walker, not Friedel and Naughton. Lloris and Friedel a similar score perhaps, but Lloris suits the Spurs style uner AVB better. Walker was the best peforming defender in the PL last week, for both tackling (most tackles and 100% success rate) and passing. Scores more than Naughton. Otherwise a reasonable summary, but can’t help observing that Spurs are playing well below their potential (Bale aside) whereas Everton are playing to their max. Fellaini will be a big miss. If Spurs go up a gear (Adebayor etc) then no contest, but will they? How will the Europa League game tonight affect them? All to play for.

      • Everton aren’t even close to their best. Even in the recent game against City, we weren’t at our best.

        The best we’ve played this season (IMO) was against Arsenal at Goodison, sadly we were leaking soft goals at that stage of the season and did so in that game. Other than that we passed them off the park.

        If both sides were at their absolute best, I couldn’t call it at WHL, but at Goodison, it would be Everton 9 times out of 10.

      • I think the author of this story is going off current form rather than games played. The number of games he’s played doesn’t affect his ability, it just means he’s had an injury!
        Would i swap Mirallas for Lennon? Not in a million years.

    2. People don’t realise just how good Gibson is. At the very least he’s the same as Parker.

      As for Mirallas, he needs to prove himself next season but just recently he’s been on fire. He’s only got 1 goal less than Lennon and a few assists less, so Lennon should be ahead of him at the minute but watch out next season!

    3. At least pick the correct Spurs team:

      Loris (who is better than Friedel)
      Walker (who is in the England team and far better than Naughton).

      And Gibson better than Parker?!

      And… if BAE is a 7.5 compared to Baines’ 9, then with Osman scoring 7.5, Bale is about a 14.

    4. putting aside club loyalty, its a hard question to ask. We both possess what the other is missing …. Spurs possess pace and a touch a guile while everton possess sheer grit and determination to succeed.
      On paper spurs are much better but reality its alot closer …… and im a spurs fan.
      Shame we cant mix the two together.

    5. Lol unbelievable…

      Yes our sides are exactly the same, yet we seem to finish 3 places above you every season.

      Pienaar couldnt even get in our side and hes one of your best players.

      Sigurdsson and Anichebe equal is a joke….Lloris isnt injured and would be a 9, Parker is no way a worse player than Gibson.

      I like Fellaini, Mirallis, Jagielka and Baines but the rest of your side is cack.

      I agree Jelavic and Adebayor are dreadfully out of form but Ade has played for Spurs, Madrid, City, Arsenal and Monaco, you picked Jeleavic up from Scotland at the age of 26…..Ade has far more ability which is why he has had the far better career.

      Last point Distin an 8, the same as Dawson and Jagielka????? and Vertonghen should be a 9 not just for his defending but for the fact he has 7 goals this year, more than Daws, Jag and Distin put together by far

      • 11/12 Spurs 3 places above Everton
        10/11 Spurs 3 places above Everton
        09/10 Spurs 3 places above Everton
        08/09 Everton 3 places above Everton
        08/09 Everton 6 places above Everton
        07/08 Spurs 1 place above Everton
        06/07 Spurs 6 places above Everton
        08/09 Everton 5 places above Spurs

        On average…. Spurs have finished 0.22 places above Everton in the last decade, with very little seperating them this season. (3 points behind with a game in hand)

        It is not Everton’s problem that you don’t manage to get the best out of Pienaar, it’s unfortunate especially since he came back to haunt you at Goodison. Anyway the point you make there is ridiculously childish… that player was great for you then crap for us and then great for you… therefore we are better than you…. that makes sense how?

        On current form yes… Sigurdson and Anichebe are equal. The Sigurdson before he joined Spurs was far superior to Anichebe…. similar to Pienaar… must make you massively superior to Swansea as well ya?

        So Everton have 4 good players? The rest are cack? Good lad, that’s constructive and well thought out criticism. Say the same after the match on Sunday.

        As for Gibbo… how much have you watched him play bar MOTD? To be perfectly honest he’s like a lot of players that play that role… only noticed by people who watch him every week. The same reason Spurs fans rate Parker higher than supported of other teams.

        Your point on Jelavic? Again completely ridiculous… Everton picked Coleman up for 60k from Sligo Rovers and he’s destroyed Bale in both games that he’s been up against him… but i suppose since he’s only played for Sligo and Everton he’s shite. Bale himself has had a woeful career so. Adebeyor is far superior to Jermaine Defoe as well then ya? Bournemouth doesn’t exactly equate to Madrid.

    6. As an Evertonian, I have to admit that Spurs have a better side than us. Take Bale out of the Spurs side and we maybe even,but Bale is special,who can turn a game on his own. We’ll have to double up on him to get anything out of this game.

    7. Every fan is allowed a bit of bias. I think you got the wrong Kyle for Spurs at RB (how many games has Naughton actually played there for Spurs? he’s been more cover for BAE at left back) and I think only an Everton fan would put Gibson above Parker or Mirallas level with Lennon. That said you’ve (very conveniently!) had the two teams come out level, which can’t be far wrong considering where they each are in the league.

      Probably worth keeping in mind Lloris, Walker, Sandro and Defoe, all of whom are probably better in their position than anyone on either team that you’ve mentioned in your piece.

      • They mugged us off in 2 minutes earlier in the season. They have a never say die attitude. Perhaps we should?!


        • I think Spurs have the pace and style, Everton have the grit and determination. Both teams have some great players and certain players that suit the team.
          I heard Walker and Lloris were injured which is why I haven’t included them.

          Surprised by the Spurs fans views on Gibbo, Mirallas and Osman on the whole.

    8. Think Snoop (the writer) is trying to pick the team that will be out on Sunday.

      There are rumours of Lloris being out. Not so sure Naughton will be over Walker. Sandro and Defoe are out.

    9. Guys this is based on the possibility of Lloris and Walker being injured! I did say based on the likely teams on Sunday. Obviously Lloris, Sandro, Walker and Defoe would all make it into the Spurs proper 11, as would Fellaini and Pienaar for Everton. With all them changes, Spurs would have the greater team, based on the teams Sunday….. May be a difficult one to tell.

    10. I realsie that Gibson plays dirty when he can’t get his own way. He should have been sent off in your FACup debacle against Wigan.

    11. To be honest I can’t disagree with the assessment
      As mentioned by another poster above “Spurs possess pace and a touch a guile while everton possess sheer grit and determination to succeed”

      Think Spurs will edge it on Sunday 2-1


    12. As was seen at Goodison last Dec, Everton are better than next season’s Spurs (ie Spurs minus Bale).

      If we had the funds needed these days to buy a top goalscorer, we’d be ahead of Spurs in the league. We’ve only lost 5 Prem games this season (Spurs have lost 8). It’s the 12 drawn matches that have done for us, many of which we would’ve deservedly won if we’d had a touch more quality in front of goal. The Fulham and Reading fixtures from last Nov particularly stick in the mind – we threw away 5 points in those games.

      • IF….your Aunt had B0ll0X she’d be your Uncle.
        You can’t use if’s in football otherwise we’d be going backwards and forwards forever.

      • haha you joker,its more likely it will be a fellani and baines less everton and without a manager as well. I like Everton for a provincial club you’re decent but you are playing above yourselves

        Dont let one game cloud your judgement, you’re a hardworking workmanlike team playing at your peak but I cant see you doing anything more than finishing above Liverpool

        • That’s great, we’ve been playing above ourselves for years so.

          Personally I do hope Spurs get CL this year, even if Bale has to drag yis kicking and screaming over the line… it will be great for yis to climb out from under the Arsenal shadow.

    13. Can’t believe the arrogance of SOME of the Spurs fans on here. Bit hypocritical for some to say “blue-tinted spectacles” when i see some of the biased comments. I thought this article was actually pretty fair, although I agree Lloris and Walker should be in and that would swing it in Tottenham’s favour (although I think Walker has underperformed this year). Those who watch Gibson for 90 minutes each week know how good he is (those who just watch everton on MOTD probably think he’s average), and although i concede Mirallas has not played that much due to injury, if he’s fully fit he has so much more natural ability and quality than Lennon, though I do think LEnnon is a good player. Also, “Pienaar is one of your best players…the rest of your side is cack”. Utter rubbish. Pienaar’s been our worst First XI outfield player this year (apart from Jelavic), and Coleman’s been fantastic, Distin is still good, Osman’s been good in patches and Gibson I mentioned earlier…please respond if you disagree…

    14. Interesting use of stats by E above. Not sure going back a decade is relevant to today. What is clear though is that the shorter the time period, the more the data favours Spurs. Last season 13 more points than Everton, the one before 8 more points, the one before that 9 more points. This year will probably be closer, but it’s not over yet. Spurs ARE statistically the better side, but as Wigan and Leeds can both testify, that means nothing on the day.


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