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About The Everton Forum

\nThe Everton Forum was formed on 30th June 2012 following the implosion of the Bluekipper Forum.  The Forum was set up as a spur of the moment thing and within weeks there were hundreds of Everton supporters signing up to talk about all things Everton.\n\nThe Everton Forum is a friendly place for Evertonians around the globe to offer their view in an adult environment.  The one thing that everyone on the Everton Forum has in common is that they are Everton Fans.\n\nThe main mission of The Everton Forum is to provide an online forum for Everton supporters to express their views.  Our main news site offers the latest Everton News, Everton Transfer Rumours and Everton Fan Articles.\n\nThe Everton Forum also features forums to talk about general football, movies and music or betting.  You can talk about anything with Evertonians across the globe.\n\nWe are popular with Everton fans in the USA and Everton fans in Australia and even offer localised sites.\n\nThe Everton Forum also has a news website for all things Everton.  We trawl websites and look for all the latest Everton Transfer News and all the latest Everton News.\n\nWe have a team of dedicated moderators, admins and news writers.\n\nThe forum is run by a bunch of dedicated Everton fans and the aim is to bring opinions from Everton fans across the globe.