Where’s the Arteta money Bill?

    Where’s the Arteta money Bill?

    Okay, it’s a bit of a tongue in cheek shout, as everyone knows that the Arteta money was paid to Barclays as we always seem to be a bit skint, but it seems to be that Everton have spent very little in transfer money again, despite pre window optimism.

    Having shifted David Moyes and staff, plus Pip Neville and other minor players like Jan Mucha and Tomas Hitzsperger off the wage bill; many Evertonians were sensing that we might have a little bit of moneyfor Roberto Martinez to spend this season.   After all, we have just entered a new era of increased TV money and had seen a late turn in the transfer debacle of Leroy Fer having agreed an £8.5m fee with FC Twente.

    Fer signed for Norwich for £4.5m after his Everton transfer went belly up

    So far Everton have spent around the £5.6m mark on transfer fee’s (with obviously a little extra for some signing on fee’s too) having spent around £5m on Arouna Kone, £600k on Joel Robles and the signings of Antolin Alcaraz and Gerard Deulofeu on a free transfer and on loan respectively.    These are all decent, if not remarkable signings in my own opinion.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I do understand that there are still 3 weeks left of the current transfer window and I may be surprised, but I can’t help but feel that purchases that are coming will be funded by the possible sales of Baines, Fellaini and/or Heitinga.  As a little side note, I would be delighted with the transfer window if we managed to keep Fellaini and Baines and only signed the players that we have.

    I may be jumping the gun a little, but I fear that any incomings will be offset by the sale of 1 or 2 of our major players and I have a feeling by the end of the window we will have a minus figure for net spend and will have been outspent drastically by smaller clubs such as Swansea and Norwich, who I understand have smaller wage bills than us, but also have smaller fanbases and turnover.

    Robert Earl should go back to selling cheeseburgers

    For me the boards job is to provide the manager with funds to improve the squad, not just Bill Kenwright, but Robert Earl, Jon Woods et al.  I understand that they haven’t all got the personal finances to put money in (As it’s reported that they haven’t invested one penny of their own personal money) but there should be plans in place to find new money and if they can’t they should personally sell their shares.

    Robert Earl especially is worth a few quid, yet won’t invest in the team until we have a new stadium.  Personally, I’d rather the charlatan got out of our club and sold his shares for what he paid.  Go back to your cheeseburgers and get out of football.

    On the Brightside, if we don’t buy any more players and sell Baines and Fellaini then at least we will have a nice set of brand new lawnmowers <claps>


    Hopefully i’m completely wrong and we make a fantastic signing for record money and don’t sell any of our stars, which would send us into the new season on a massive high ………….. i just don’t think I will be!


    What do you think of our transfer dealings? Do you think we will see any more in or outgoings?  Register on and have your say and discuss with thousands of other Evertonians.

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    1. Why are you prattling on about Granchester?

      Since when was he on the board? His family won’t invest a single penny in the club whilst BK has his grubby hands involved.

      • First day back off holiday mate after 2 weeks drinking and eating………..A little tired. So you are correct, I included him in the wrong bit!!! It looked fine when I proofread it. There was a bit about possible investors, but ive deleted it somehow! Will amend now!!!

    2. What’s the point of this? Same old, same old moans about the feking board all the time, same time every year then again in January! The window doesn’t close till September and Roberto as been in the States or don’t you keep up with what the Club is doing? Where’s the money gone for Arteta, Lescott, Rooney, ect? It’s keeping us afloat so we don’t end up like Leeds, Pompey. Blackburn QPR FFS! A pointless artical No negative moan! Give em a feking chance the season hasn’t kicked off yet and YOU are putting a downer on things already! COYB

      • So the money from them sales is keeping the 5th most successful team in England afloat and you compare us to Pompey and Blackburn (who are just badly run, they aren’t in financial problems). Leeds have bought back all their assets and are on their way back up.

        Have you ever thought that people moan because the board aren’t doing their job?

        On your other point, Leroy Fer “failed a medical” yet played just about every game for Twente after he had failed it and played 36 times. Ever thought that may have been a rouse to try and get the fee down? Maybe he has gone to Norwich to put himself in the shop window? Maybe he is just rubbish, that wasn’t the point.

        • EXACTLY Badly run you’ve answered your own negative question! And were have we been why these lot with LOADS of money to squander? In the feking Prem!
          So the board must of been doing something of their job right
          Leroy Fer DIDN’T pass a medical so why take a risk!

          We all want to go back to the 80’s even the 60’s but not the 90’s under Johnson and relegation gorping at us!

          Let’s get the season going and IF we’re struggling (God forbid)and no new signings! Then we can get negative and have another protest, with Ronald McDonald again out side Goodison!

        • You guys are all absolutely clueless, dyslexic accidents. And EFC are the 4th most successful club in English football history. Get your facts right before you arrive at erroneous conclusions. D’oh.

    3. totally agree, whether you agree with the signings so far or not 5.6 mil spend is ridiculous when there are teams spending 10s and 20s because EVERYONE has been given a boat load of money. I was looking forward to this season because bill couldn’t say we were poor anymore but it looks like the tv money has been ignored and pocketed by bill and his pals and its another season of “we cant compete with that kind of money” only instead of saying it after a united city arsenal Liverpool spurs or Chelsea game, it will be after a Swansea, Norwich, Newcastle, Southampton, west ham and stoke game.

      not acceptable I’m afraid

      • Give it a chance Mark,the widow doesn’t close till September! When was the last time we got 4 new signing’s before we went back to pre season training? Plus John Stone signing pro! Berkley back from loan and Brian Oviedo as been a breath of fresh air for us! I think it’s looking good so far, just hope we can hold on to our star men! Who knows it’s up to the players weather they want to stay too?

    4. Oh as for Fer, IF he’s so bloody great why as he gone to bloody Norwich? And nobody else have a go at getting him? He had a dodgy knee and failed a medical didn’t he? So we should of took a chance on a crock???

      • Jon you smoking crack lad? Or are you Jon Woods?

        Either way mate your seriously deluded. we are not pompey or blackburn, different beast altogether.

        Some of us still have visions of being back were we belong, never going to happen until the toe rags on the board leave us. What have they done in 13 years bar get us in debt? No stadium, no plan forward, no money invested.

        • NEGATIVE WAVES David! We have been in the top half of the greatest league in the world for most of them years. Everyone I know who are true football fans respect Everton FC for what we’ve done over the years with little money, it’s only a minority of winging Blue onions, who with no proof at all about the board being dodgy, who slag our Great Club off apart from the spoilt redshites over the park, who are loving you lot and laughing their feking heads off at our GREAT CLUB because of yous! Are you a crack head by the way? You just seem paranoid and gloom!

    5. Well you’ve answered the question yourself, most of the Arteta money went to the bank. And Moyes has ramped the wage bill up to a level that I think is unsustainable unless we get into the Champions League. He chose to give everyone 5 year deals a few seasons back when he thought he’d cracked it – he hadn’t.

      We must keep Baines, Fellaini should go because a £25m rated defensive midfielder is a luxury we cannot afford at the moment, and we cant really afford to be paying him or anyone £75k a week.

    6. What a load of shit. Whoever wrote this is a f***ing moron. John Stones, Matthew Kennedy, Kevin Miralles there’s your Arteta money. Maybe you should start following King Brenny and all those horrible brainless gobshites that like to sit back in their armchairs and spew out pointless, worthless bile that makes Ketty Katona sound like Einstein. Get on with it. August is gonna be a really long month without shit like this. COYB

    7. Always moaning and wringing about BK. he’s done more for the stability of our club than anyone and helped develop the culture of the club which makes me proud to say I’m an Evertonians.
      Just be patient and wait for the end of the transfer window and then if you have to restart your moaning – then that’s the right time.

    8. Millo, what have you been smoking? All the Arteta money went to the bank. Miralles, Oviedo and Stones were bought from the sale of Rodwell the following year. If you are going to insult a fellow blue at least get your facts right. We were given an additional 20 million pound this year on top of what we usually get from tv revenue, yet Martinez has roughly had a quarter of that to spend. We still need a winger and central midfielder. As pointed out in the article any other signings will be made only if we sell. I honestly think Martinez would have already bought if the money was there.

    9. A month left of the window, confirmed interest (if not a bid ) in a £6m rated player, Alderweireld, and people just can’t help to have a good whinge.

      The author also gets his figures wrong. Kone’s was a buy-out clause of £6m and the sources I’ve seen say Robles’ transfer was between £2-3m. In addition, we also had to pay Wigan compensation for Martinez without receiving anything from United for Moyes.

      Pointless, negativity-revelling article.

      • 3 weeks left. Kone’s wasn’t £6m, it was £5m. Widely reported everywhere and confirmed by people close to the deal.

        Robles initial fee was £600k. It may rise to £2-3m if he plays enough games etc…. But he only had 1 year left on contract and wasn’t playing in Spain.

        Interest in players is nothing if it doesn’t win the player. See Ian Wright and Alan Smith. We probably will get the player, but I can guarantee a player will leave (hopefully only Heitinga, but I kind of thing it will be someone else.)

        As for the £8m. We havent spent that.

        I also never aspired to say we want to be Swansea or Norwich. I merely compared the transfers of smaller clubs. The manager may have ambition. The board certainly don’t, or they would sell the club to someone with money for double what they paid, rather than 5/6 times.

    10. Forgot to mention. We’ve spent £8m (at the absolute least) without selling anyone. When was the last time we did that? Fellaini? You bring up Swansea and Norwich like they’re comparable clubs to us. You’re jealous of clubs that have lower aspirations to ours.

    11. Re the Fer deal,don’t know if it was true but I was told that a deal was in place for Felli to go and thus provide the funds for Fer, the deal fell through for Felli so no money for Fer and the failed medical was just a cover up ???
      sounds about right to me don’t know about you

    12. 20 mil for Rodwell hahaha thatś a f***ing laugh! the headline grabbing 20 mil within 24 hours became 18 then 15 finally ending up at something like 12 with add ons. Maybe one day it will reach 20 if shitty ever win the Sham-pions league or captains England to world cup glory. But anyway who gives a shit about all that! Whoś to say the Arteta money was’nt held back a year and then spent or even if it went to the bank and was swallowed up, who gives a shit NOW? The point is the Arteta money is probably well gone regardless of how or WHEN it was or wasn´t spent and on who. Articles like this are nothing short of f***ing moronic, pointless and irritating. I will say it again, August is gonna be a really long month and we can all do without idiots writing shit like this to stir up controversy. Get on with it. COYB.

    13. Chaps, Chaps, in the tone of one black curly haired moustached Evertonian, Calm Down, Calm Down! We got enough fliggin glate players who cost us fligg-all!

      We may be the leagues finishing school for the richer clubs but the likes of Barkley, Stones, Browning, Ozzy and Hibbo show us there is more to a player than money.
      The school of science has taken players with passion and turned them into internationals within a few years and in this fans opinion as long as we have the financial resources to keep on generating world class players then thats more important than say…splashing out shed loads of money on the likes of Andy Carroll as the other half did. We all thought we were headed for titles when a certain Brazilian was favoured by Moyes and he like so many others proved to be bad for the club, in fact a right JOke. It winds me up when clubs have the right formula and then scrap it for some primaddonna who upsets the applecart. Money means sod-all in the grand scheme of things. Natural ability, passion and loyalty will always count and at least the liquidators are far from our door!

    14. its sad how most evertonians are now….stupid article, terrible title…why moan?? why title it with something that happened 2 years ago??? the reason we haven’t spent is because we have no money!!!! we are not a big club…look at the average attendance.. look at the last time we won a trophy….we dont make any money….75p of every pound goes into paying wages…that in business terms is bad….why can people not except these facts and be greatful we have an owner who doesnt change the colour of our us by the name of a big cat…or bring big joe back da toon…..not to mention the two spies from the states pompeys countless owners leeds and anyone else with stupid owners….better the devil you know…an be very careful what you wish for my friend!!!!!

    15. Question: Those that don’t like how we are being run, what are you going to do about it to make the change?
      Oh that’s right.. nothing!
      Sit in the corner and whimper as years of your lefe get stripped away while you witness dire mediocrity. Pat yourself on the backs for all your great effort.

    16. These conspiracy theorists are pathetic, we’ve got plenty positive to say coming into the new season. We know there’s not a lot of money in the coffers, back the team, we’ve a good squad!


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