Thank you Bluekipper – Forum memories to remember


It’s the end of an Everton institution.  After 15 years, Bluekipper, known to thousands of Evertonians as one of the first proper Everton fan sites and forums is due to shut.

Over the years the old forum in particular has brought about many funny memories and brought about even more greater friendships.  Infact, our forum ( ) was actually borne when the Bluekipper forum started having problems with security.


On the forum we had been thinking of our best Kipper memories and posters, from the outing of Stimmers to Nogzy George having an argument with a bus driver.  The memories and laughs have lived on.

bus driver today, gave him a tenner asked for a day rider ( 3 50 ) he gave me 1 50 sayin theres 5 i thought in my head ye ok hes obviously made a mistake then he gave me the fiver ( 6 50 ) then i go to the back next min he shouts come here a sec he said giss tha fiver gave u too much he said u only gave me a fiver and am like you wha are you messin and he said no u gave me a fiver a said give me my f****** money ya cheeky cart he said go down to such an such a place forgot the name of the place ( arriva hq or somethin to do with arriva ) he said and sort it there a said no we will sort it now ya stupid cart then he pulled out the tenner with the five and gave me the fiver back a said theres the tenner there ya cheeky cart i was really tempted to open up the door rag him out and take all his money seriously the cheeky cart ( maybe a few people wont like me sayin that or will have somethin to say but i dont give a shit he tryed to have me off ) then as i got off on lodgey called him a bellend and he said nothin, cheeky skinny runt



Then there was the photoshopping threads.  From the photoshop Bill thread, where users would photoshop pictures of Bill Kenwright to toasterhead getting a ribbing for having the squarest head in the land!





Then there was the stories – From the various Michael Stories to the mysterious adventures of Hillary and the Count of Montecristo

Michael Stories:

From people ironing pieces of chicken to eat after a night out, Wigan Pier Slugs, Isn’t Liverpool Is It?, the dreaded Jermaine Defoe thread, Henning Lowbar, Zombie Hoogie, Knights, Tom Caff and the rest.  Although the forum finished a few years ago, It really is the end of an institution.



If you want to carry on the Kipper memories and catch up with some former kipper posters, why not join the chat on our Kipper thread on the forum:


You can also add to some of the brilliant photoshops and memories that Bluekipper had over the years in our media gallery:


Thanks for the memories, I’ll be back in a jihad.  Need more?  PM JMACCA


What were your best memories?


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