Talking to the Opposition: Manchester United fans

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    1. Thoughts on United performances so far? Is it all doom and gloom at the minute?

    Jev: Yeah, pretty much. There’s been the odd positive, primarily Wayne Rooney’s resurgence and the appearance of Adnan Januzaj, but the quality of the football has been on par with the results. We’re fragile at the back and we’re not creating nearly enough chances and still depend on our few top-class players to produce something out of nothing. Our passing through the middle still hasn’t improved and we still only have one way of attacking: Go wide and cross aimlessly.

    R’hllor: Bad transfer summer,no midfield and without best manager of all time,think we looked decent so far.Depends who you ask but not for me.

    Mr Anderson: Disappointing at times in the league, the same 13 games last season (replacing relegated teams with the promoted ones) we had 32 points last season, 22 this season. Southampton and Cardiff results are the most annoying ones. But we are solid in Europe. We all know we are short a player or 2 in midfield, but we appear to be playing better football now.

    Anderson18: We’re simply not a very strong side at the minute. Our CM is simply not good enough for a side that should be challenging for the title. Tactical and how we played there isn’t much difference to last year. Just a bit less luck and determination to win.

    2. Do you still think you can win the league?

    Tarrou: It’s not impossible, but I don’t think it will happen. We’re just not playing well enough. If we start playing to our potential we’d have a good chance.

    SambaBoy: Yes, I believe if we can keep City and Chelsea within 3-5 points, come Feb then we have a good chance. Arsenal are looking good but these next two months will be a big challenge for them. If City/Chelsea were in Arsenal’s place then I would say we have no chance.

    matherto: We can still win it purely because anyone can this year. We’re traditionally better after Christmas and so is Moyes. Arsenal may be ahead now but we’ve seen from them in the past that they don’t often keep it up till May. If City get their act together away from home though…

    3. Have there been any standout performers for you so far this season?

    Golden Nugget: Rooney and De Gea. Although I do think Rooney has been slightly overrated this season, he has certainly done a great job in getting vital goals and assists; De Gea has been faultless and has been keeping us in games at times.

    Sir David Moyes: DDG & Wayne Rooney

    Michael Jordan: A few for me. Phil Jones, David De Gea and Wayne Rooney.

    Jones because he’s slotted in to that midfield role seamlessly, and I think we look a lot more solid with him in there than when he isn’t playing. It’s taken a big burden/reliance off of Carrick as well I feel.

    De Gea is obvious. He’s a fantastic keeper and extremely consistent in his performances. He’s made some outstanding saves and without him we really could have been staring at a very depressing finish to the season. He’s still young and is improving in my opinion, but he’s already proved that he’s a top class keeper.

    Rooney. He had to do something didn’t he, a controversial start to the campaign, but now all the media attention has died down he’s rediscovering his best form. I think he looks a lot fitter and healthier than he has for a while, which may be partly down to Moyes training, but he did seem to look in good shape when he came in at the start of pre-season. The key thing is that he has found that fire again, he’s a bit more hot headed, but that’s the Wazza we love to watch. Work, work, work.

    4. Any weak links?

    Engine Room: Midfield, we can’t seem to define a role for Cleverley that lets him thrive. The flanks have been underwhelming and I think Patrice Evra has been below his usual standard which hasn’t helped.

    SalfordRed1960: Same as last year Young, Danny, Cleverley. The others that have played poorly is largely due to them being played out of position.

    vidahadju: Midfield.

    5. What are your thoughts on Moyes so far?

    Carshoutcassius: Happy with every decision he’s made. I honestly don’t hate one decision. I would start Rafael more, but I can see why he hasn’t, I just hope it doesn’t continue b/c rafa was amazing last year. After the first 8 games I think we all wanted him to mix up the squad selection a bit, and he has and I think he’s getting to know the team bit by bit.

    Uniquim: I like what he’s trying to do by improving the overall fitness, and he’s done well in Europe so far. He’s given Januzaj a chance too, which is a brave thing to do. I think it’s too early to pass judgment on him quite yet, but once he figures out who to keep and who to sell, and stops with the negative substitutions, he can go on to good things with United. He has certainly gotten a lot of Rooney this far.

    sully1: Very amateurish start, he needed to show more in the transfer window and he didn’t. Tactic wise though we look solid in Europe for once.

    Malva: He needs time. I saw Everton against Southampton last season, and it was possibly the most beautiful footballing performance i saw that season. it was sublime all over the pitch. There’s been a lot of rubbish talking around our own forum about him, but it’s mostly senseless ignorance I feel.

    6. And Fellaini?

    Michael Jordan: I know he’s not long arrived but he slows the team down, his passing is off the mark, and he looks like he’s struggling with the technical aspect of fitting in to this United team. I admit I wasn’t a fan of the signing when it happened, I still think we bought for the sake of buying, but certainly big improvements are needed from him. He doesn’t look like he wants to play at the moment, which is a big concern.

    Engine Room: Can’t be judged yet, personally getting tired of reading ‘shit player, big cost, shit player’ etc etc. He’s played a handfull of games and looked good and bad. Last minute purchases are always going to need time to grow into a squad and assert themselves as a player on the club. Once he finds his role and his comfort zone and adheres to the way United operates I think he’ll have no problems. He can certainly put in a good shift in midfield as has shown already for the club this season.

    Gianni: Will get better because he is better than this. Needs time to adapt to the new reality. Will surprise many people in the future.

    sully1: Embarrassing really, the whole transfer was a shambles, and he has been terrible. Looks far from a DM as possible.

    XdanielredX: Hard to say, only first season, only played a handful of games but it seems at the moment at least he is slightly out of his depth.

    At Everton the team was almost built around him, he was always the target man, the focal point, that suited him very well, here he is just another man in the midfield and he seems to be struggling with the pace, tempo and positioning of our game at the moment.

    I believe he needs to be given some time though.

    7. How do you see the game going on Wednesday? Do you expect Everton to come with attacking intent or to sit back, much like previous years?

    Tarrou: I don’t see Everton sitting back at all. Martinez will have a go, as he always does. We learned from his time at Wigan that he doesn’t set-up to defend. It could be your downfall with the quality we have up front, but it could pay off as well. We’re struggling in the midfield at the moment, so it may be a good time to come at us.

    Cantonas Dad: Hard to predict United at the moment, we look either great or crap but Everton will go for it all out attack.

    El-Manos: Expecting a tight game with Everton attacking us until the last minute.

    On to Everton

    8. How do you think we’ve done so far this season?

    Anderson18: Brilliant. Lukaku and Barry were genius loans. Especially Barry is very underrated. Best Everton side I’ve seen in a long time. Very good defence and Lukaku is always good for a goal.

    matherto: Very well. I thought Martinez would still struggle with defence but Jagielka and Distin are as solid as can be really. Playing some lovely possession football too but unlike Wigan, you’ve got the players to make the most of it. Lukaku is exactly what you needed. He’s brilliant.

    SambaBoy: Good so far, but once a few injuries kick in and the games come thick and fast, I expect them to struggle more. LukakuBarkley and now Deulofeu all look they will develop into quality players and are impacting games already.

    9. What do you make of our new manager Roberto Martinez?

    vidahadju: Seems to play a very typical spanish type of football but is mixed in with Moyes’ work ethic.

    Uniquim: I liked him when he was in Wigan, and I was really excited when Everton chose to make him their new manager. He’s a great manager. Just see how he managed to keep Wigan despite selling their best player year after year, and taking down some of the best teams in England toward the end of seasons. I really think he deserves a chance at a club like Everton, and given time, I think he can take Everton to the next level.

    El-Manos: Made some very good signings and seems to suit Everton really well. Adapted really quickly as well.

    Scojototo: got a way he wants to play and managed to get the players on side, should give moyes some pointers.

    10. Who do you think will trouble your reds side most come Wednesday evening?

    Jev: Leighton Baines and possibly Ross Barkley.

    Mr Anderson: ColemanLukaku and maybe outside chance BarkleyColeman up against Evra, and we dont are having trouble with a consistant left winger too. Lukaku is a beast and troublesome, Barkley is just in decent form with an eye for a pass.

    Vishnu: Ross Barkley.. Our midfield is scared of people running at them… Great talent.

    Carshoutcassius: Lukaku. Deulo if he shows up, Evra not the greatest defender on the planet. Coleman quality too so United will have to have someone on the left wing who can track back.

    11. Is there a weak point in our side in which you could target?

    R’hllor: Well think your LB position is weaker without Baines.

    Gianni: Counter-attack may work against you because of the way your lateral defenders go up.

    XdanielredX: I believe with your full backs getting forward whenever you attack I think we could get you on the counter attack down the flanks. However we would need to actually attack with speed to do that, something that has been quite lacking this season with us.

    12. Where do you think us Toffees will finish this season?

    matherto: Top 8, but where in that top 8 I’ve no idea.

    Cantonas Dad: 5th or 6th

    rtdsv: 6th

    dpanseth: i can see toffees finishing in first 5-6 this season.

    SalfordRed1960: Looking at the table, I only see yourselves and Southampton dropping down the league from where you are at the expense of ourselves and spurs. So I guess 7th is about right.


    13. Predictions for the game?

    SambaBoy: 2-1 United, it will go to 1-1 then Hernadez will most likely score in the last 15minutes.

    Tarrou: I can see a few goals in this one. 3-1 or 3-2 to United [IMG]file:///C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image001.gif[/IMG]

    Engine Room: Heart says a solid United win by a couple of goals. Gut says a draw and pessimist in me says a comfortable goal or two win forEverton.

    Golden Nugget: With Everton being the in form side, and Moyes wanting to get one over his old side, especially at home… I’ll say United win…. 2-0 to United.

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