Talking to the Enemy: Manchester United Fans

    Questions were asked at : Forum and you can see all the answers in here Questions ahead of United v Everton game –

    What do you make of your season so far? Are you surprised with your 9 point lead over your dear rivals?

    Amethyst: We’ve certainly stepped up since last season, especially in the big away games where we’ve beaten Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City. I’m a little surprised that City aren’t closer, especially after being knocked out of Europe completely.

    Cantonas Dad: Im not surprised we are 9 points clear, the one thing about united is that we are consistent, we have faults but consistent results are our strong point, we very rarely lose two games in a row for instance.

    Twigg: Under Ferguson you learn not to be surprised about anything anymore. Last season we finished on 89 points, and then we buy Kagawa and van Persie, basically the same team with some luxuries, so no I am not surprised. IMO Mancini has the better players, but we have the better team thanks to Ferguson

    Ruud10: I’m actually NOT surprised with our 9 point lead over City in early February. We significantly strengthened the squad over the summer (RvP and Kagawa) while City didn’t much of anything to strengthen their squad. The pain of relinquishing the trophy last season was never going to be forgotten.

    There are always certain players in teams that always get all the media praise and this season you can’t look any further than Van Persie. United fans have seen many a great striker in their time, so how highly do you rate Van Persie alongside those greats?

    Forlans Hair: From the moment he pulled on the famous red shirt he has looked like a man who was made for United. He will need to consistently win games and score big goals for us before we can consider him an all-time great, although he hasn’t made a bad start with goals against Liverpool, City, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal already in the bag! Just one more top 7 side left for him to net against this season…..

    Scholesgoals: He’s certainly had a fantastic start to his united career! It’s probably too early to say how he rates against other strikers we’ve had, but his skillset is definitely something to be admired. I think the player he most resembles is Cantona, as he has a certain gravitas about him, he’s prone to random acts of sheer brilliance, two footed and relatively good in the air. It’s too early to say much more than that, although if we do go on to win it, he’ll have played an integral part.

    NinjaFletch: In terms of ability he’s right up there, Rooney will probably retire as United’s greatest goal scorer ever but there’s a sense that despite how important Rooney is to us Van Persie is the better player, and that speaks volumes about his ability.

    Are there any players that haven’t been getting the praise they deserve from the media and even your own fan base this season?

    kid777: If we talk about media, Rafael and Evans haven’t been given enough praise for the maturity and consistancy they have shown this year in their game. As for the fans despite all these year’s Carrick is still shite.

    gazman: In my opinion Rafael has been sensational for us in nearly all our games. Jonny Evans has also been brilliant and has improved dramatically over the last season or two.

    Revan: David De Gea and Rafael Da Silva. Our keeper has been great this season but he is being treated by media like he is a flop while Rafael undoubtedly has been the best right back in Premier League this season but many journos have yet to see this.

    Brightonian: I actually think the De Gea witch-hunt has died down a bit since last season, but he still gets undeserved criticism. Cleverley is utterly unappreciated outside of the club, which is irritating when you consider some of the midfielders he’s comfortably outplayed this season. Notably Wilshere, who is rightly considered ‘world class’, whilst Cleverley remains, to everyone outside of the United fan base, ‘neat and tidy’.

    Are you now expecting any late charge for the title from City, or do you think you’ll maintain this healthy lead and storm to a 20th league title?

    Red_Aaron: I’ve no doubt the gap will close but more down to our CL exploits than anything else. I dont see the same fight in city as last year which isn’t surprising really given they hired these mercenaries to do a particular job and they’ve now done it.

    Gazza: We won’t storm it. Our run-in includes Stoke and Arsenal away and Chelsea and City at home. City have only the league and FA cup to play for and will do better with Kompany and Toure returning.

    VoetbalWizzard: City will cut the gap as we progress in europe. However as the resident president of the Treble 12/13 club, all i can say that It’s ON!

    Last season’s game was one of, if not the game of the season. Can you see the game going a similar way again?

    L11: It was, and don’t forget you beat us on the opening day this season, I really rate Everton and Moyes, I think he’s done a great job at Everton, but I think even though our performances aren’t too great at the moment, we do seem to be managing to get the job done, we’re in a winning habit at the moment, i think that will continue Sunday.

    nickmills: Who knows? Last season’s game was a barnburner, for sure. We played extremely well but Everton were just constantly pressing us and we became nervous, started making daft mistakes. I could see it, sure. We looked dead nervous against Southampton, of all teams, in the second half, so if Everton have their key players, it could happen again. Everton are a good side with game-changing players. It’ll be a hard one.

    Super-Nani: I hope not. I’d settle for 1-0 to us. It’s going to depend on which of our defences turn up. If we’re defending badly the game could well have goals in it.

    Barring the obvious goal threats from RVP and Rooney, who do you think the Everton side need to be most fearful of during Sunday afternoons game?

    RobinVP: Carrick, so underrated and if you don’t watch for him you’ll lose.

    Solius: Carrick. He makes us tick. If you stick Fellaini on him it’ll be interesting.

    Vintage Devil: It’s hard to say as it depends on who will start. Kagawa seems to be hitting form so he will perhaps be a very dangerous player if he does play. Welbeck and of course Hernandez will be a threat as well.

    kidbob: Nani if he plays. I think there are signs he is coming into form and he can be deadly when he is at his best and is one of our players who can almost single-handedly win games with a moment of magic.

    Fruit Cake: Evra. He seems to be a major goal threat

    There’s no point in asking you what you make of the job Sir Alex has done because he’s clearly the greatest there has been. You’d have to think though that his time was coming to an end in the near future. Is there a clear favourite as to who your fan base would like to see take the job in the future?

    Damien: There isn’t a clear favourite with opinions split between Mourinho, Guardiola, Moyes (and lately the likes of Klopp and previous/current United players in Ole).

    KM: Klopp, Guardiola, Mourinho or Moyes. However i’d also love it if Ole is appointed.

    AntiSocial: This has been talked about for a decade at least, but the names of successors keeps changing. I didn’t think he would manage at 70, but when that event came I couldn’t see any reason for him to step aside. He is the best person for the job (despite his slightly annoying reluctance to sign central-midfielders) and my only hope is that his health remains as good as it is currently.

    Moving on to Everton

    How do you think we have fared this season?

    Ronnie O’Sullivan: Bloody fantastic, only 3 losses so far and been a serious threat every team in the top 6. Amazing for a Premiership team with such low outlay to be challenging for a champions league spot. Puts another team from merseyside to shame.

    Brophs: Really well. If Miralas and Gibson had stayed fit I think they might be four or five points better off. Their style of play also seems to have evolved somewhat. For the amount they have invested they shouldn’t be fighting for CL places.

    BD94: Very good. Must be frustrating for you to have thrown away the amount of leads yous had earlier in the season. It’s not a huge squad though and you could struggle if a key player or two gets injured in the run in.

    Who do you think will be the biggest threat to your United team in the upcoming game?

    JimmyBob2: Felliani and probably Anichebe if he plays.

    SamDRich23: Everton‘s strong points are fairly well documented but hard to stifle. Baines and Pienaar work very well together and are always a threat and we’ve never seemed to deal with Fellaini. The big haired bastard seems to step up an extra 10% against us.

    Twigginater: I don’t really know. Even Anichebe has grabbed a few recently hasn’t he? Baines is obviously a threat. Gibbo will probably scream one in.

    What is your opinion of David Moyes and what do you make of the job he has done for Everton?

    Rooney in Paris: Brilliant. One of my favourite managers in the league. How he’d fare at a top club is impossible to say (this is no disrespect to Everton by the way, I just mean at a club where trophies are expected every year), but what he’s done with Everton, on a pretty consistent basis over the last few years, is nothing short of spectacular given the financial strain he’s under.

    711: Moyes hasn’t just kept you in the top third and Europe, given the amount he’s had to invest he’s saved you from relegation.

    blitz133w: Top manager. But am skeptical if he can cut it in the premier European teams. But with the budget he has and the job he’s done at Everton, he deserves a chance at any good European club.

    Where do you think us Toffee’s will finish come the end of the season?

    s_casey99: Not sure, Everton have done really well but you still have to go to United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal. It’ll be hard for you to finish where you are now after all of those games.

    Revan: I think that Champions League is out of reach but there is a good chance that you will go in Europa League. My bet is that you will finish in sixth position.

    Kid Cunto: Between seventh and tenth. Hopefully ahead of your Merseyside neighbours.

    Finally, predictions for the game?

    golden_blunder: I have a sneaking suspicion of a draw. We just can’t handle the big men. Thats not a criticism of the current defenders, even Bruce and Pallister used to struggle big time against Duncan Ferguson and Paul Rideout.

    kidbob: I reckon 2-1 united, wouldn’t be surprised if Everton got a result though.

    Damien: 2-1 win to United but I can see it ending in a draw. I think it’ll be a close one.

    Robin&Rafael: Draw.

    NinjaFletch: Real chance of an upset here, if I were a betting man I would say United to win a cagey game 2-1.

    VoetbalWizzard: Score draw.

    AntiSocial: Dropped points I fear, similar to last season but not as dramatic. 2-2 maybe.

    s_casey99: No chance!


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