Phil Neville’s Interview: “I shouldn’t have been the Team’s Captain”

    Phil Neville’s Interview: “I shouldn’t have been the Team’s Captain”

    Phil Neville has recently granted an interview in which he discussed some of the struggles he had to face when he was signed to Everton, leaving Manchester United after a long and successful stretch.

    Though not in his prime anymore, his arrival to Everton was praised by some as a fairly important acquisition; after all, we are talking about a very important player, with a successful career and a lot of experience.

    That’s perhaps why David Moyes, Everton’s coach back then, decided to make him the team’s captain, considering David Weir had let the team to join the Rangers.

    “They hadn’t accepted me” – Neville said about the fans – “because after one month Moyes made me captain.” He then continued, talking about how he accepted such a duty, but regrets having done so, not just for the fans’ reaction, but also for his teammates reaction: “I found it really tough as I wasn’t accepted by my teammates. […] I was Moyes’ little boy”.

    He then continued, claiming he hated playing Merseyside derbies, as he found them to be incredibly overhyped, and the unjustified pressure was just too much to bear for a single match.

    His tenure as the Everton’s captain surely wasn’t as smooth as some had anticipated and probably hoped for, and these claims are set to create as much turmoil as there was back then, when he was frequently seen at Manchester United games, even as he was Everton’s captain.

    Everton will be back from the break on Sunday 16th at 4:00 PM, when it will play West Ham with the home advantage, possibly setting the stage for a win, after drawing two consecutive matches. Online betting websites mostly consider Everton to be the favorite in the game, yet still give it an interesting quote ranging from 1.70 to 2.00, which those who believe in the win might not want to miss.

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