Naismith: The biggest motivation is personal pride

Everton forward Steven Naismith says that all the players in the Everton squad are playing for their futures at the club and says that the manager wouldn’t have a problem with replacing anyone.

The Scotsman believes that the Catalan will be ruthless to improve his side next season and says that all the players should have that personal pride that means that they want to do better for a team that is struggling every week.

Naismith said: “Without a doubt, people are playing for their futures. If you are not performing then you are not going to be here very long,” he conceded.

“This club is ambitious and wants to go forward and I’m sure the manager will look for a replacement to do the job he wants done if you’re not doing it.

“The biggest motivation of all is personal pride. You don’t want to be in a team that is struggling to perform every week.”


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