Martinez needs to shut up and change. Evertonians aren’t stupid.

Todays defeat has really rankled with me.  I haven’t written and article for a while, it wasn’t necessarily how we played – I thought we out battled Arsenal for most of the match and controlled the midfield for the most part, but the performance was same old, same old.  Too many out of form players who don’t know how to attack and defend.

Kevin Mirallas looks like a player who can’t be arsed at the moment, Ross Barkley is so devoid of any confidence that he can’t even dribble the ball and Gareth Barry looks like he has lost his only half yard of pace that he didn’t have in the first place.

The manager came out afterwards and said we didn’t deserve to lose.  Infact Roberto Maryinez said: “I was pleased with the attitude in the second half. We had chances but we didn’t take them. 2-0 wasn’t a fair reflection and that has been the story of the season.   We have 11 games to try and get as many points as we can and the best position possible in the table.”

Wake up and smell the coffee Roberto.  Everton had 2 shots on target.  It isn’t good enough and hasn’t been for much of the season.

Rumours of not practicing set pieces or defending them has once again reared it’s head as John Stones lost his man (Not for the first time) from a corner and Olivier Giroud scored.

We deserved what we got and once again our formation isn’t working.  Whether it is 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 we never have enough players infront of the ball which means that we are constantly passing backwards or sideways which ruins any tempo we may be trying to get.

I have a message to Roberto Martinez and its that Evertonians will not stand for the dire football that we are playing.  We don’t need 2 defensive midfielders, let alone 3 and we need to attack more.  Stop being so stubborn and get back to the brilliant tactical manager that you were last season.  You have the players, now pick a balanced side that can win!  Your fullbacks have no one to play off which is poor as they create most of our chances.


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  1. here here im f***ing sik an tired of the same old s**t every single game no urgency about us whatsoever our supporters have had to put up with this crap for the past 20 odd years its about time kenwright pulled his finger out is arse find us a new rich owner who can supply us with top quality players instead of a team of old nobodies

  2. Agree with all your points Roy.However any message we have for Roberto won’t reach his ears.
    Evertonians have left it too late to put the pressure on.

  3. Exactly right; nothing sure if martinez was lucky last season but his track record with Wigan wasn’t exactly earth shattering and we’re beginning to look like Wigan every game! This continues and he will lose the support of the fans who once again backed the team at arsenal only to be badly let down again!needs sorting and ASAP!

  4. Completely agree. Our full backs are our strongest assets going forward and playing with no link up player in front has caused real issues. We don’t retain the ball in high areas. I miss the days we had midfield runners!

  5. Spot on Roy! 3 d/midfielders is a joke. Cant stand listening to El bob lately, he just talks utter shite! Hope Atsu, Naismith & Gibbo start at Stoke, drop Barry (from a great height) & Besic & Howard!

  6. I’ve been watching Everton for 60 years. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I shall not be renewing my season ticket if Martinez is still there. I was so angry yesterday that I stopped watching and watched the rugby that I’d recorded.

    • I’m the same Bob and refuse to go untill Martinez is GONE
      Anyone think that BENITEZ can do a good job? Could be the man?

      • Ronald Koeman would be good! Benitez no im afraid, fans wont stand for that! I want us to hammer Stoke, BUT cant see it happening, SO lets lose 3-0 (hate to say) AND GET RID OF MARTINEZ WHO CLEARLY HAS LOST THE PLOT!

        • Don’t think he’s gettable but wouldn’t mind Lennon from Bolton. Doing a good job with minimal financial resources. Good football less tippy tappy.

          • Yeah good shout about Lennon, he could be just the man! Another bad match at Stoke, Martinez has to go, hopefully when I get up later today!


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