Martinez: Leicester draw wasn’t Tim Howards fault

Everton manager Roberto Martinez has come out in support of under-fire goalkeeper Tim Howard and says that despite many fans blaming the American, that it wasn’t his fault Everton didn’t beat Leicester.

Howard looked to be at fault for both Leicester City goals on Sunday but the Catalan has said that he doesn’t see that as the main reason his side didn’t get 3 points.

“I don’t see Tim as directly responsible for the draw.

“The first one is quite an unlucky action. He gets in some sort of a block, it hits John Stones’ legs and it ends up in the Leicester striker’s footpath.

“We have three players around him and it ends up with him [Nugent]. I don’t think it was such a major error.

“I don’t think it would solve anything if we just single out the player who made that mistake. As a team we need to defend much better in those situations.

“Tim Howard is one of our leaders, one of the most solid performers. What he brings as a goalkeeper is his understanding with other players, what he has achieved in the game, and when he is fully fit, he is a very strong performer.

“His performance against Chelsea was outstanding and his performance against Young Boys, after the first goal when he doesn’t see the ball, was terrific.

“I don’t think that is the difference between getting three points and one point [against Leicester].”


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  1. We played well second half. Many many chances created. The best football we’ve played in the league since Christmas if not all season yet the fans have a massive hangover from some of our negative football from earlier in the season. Booed off at final whistle, more than a little harsh me thinks


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