Lukaku & McCarthy: Barry is fundamental to our team

Everton striker Romelu Lukaku has praised veteran midfielder Gareth Barry and says that the midfield anchor is fundamental to the team and the players around him.

Lukaku feels that Barry is a calming influence on the team and can use his experience to help the players around him.

“Gareth is fundamental to our team,” he explained. “He’s the one who coaches all the young players around him as the game is going on.

“If you see, he is the player with the most experience in the middle of the park and he has all the young players around him and he needs to coach us through the game sometimes.

“He calms us down when we’re in possession and he knows when we need to play quicker, so he’s very important to our team.”

Republic of Ireland midfielder James McCarthy echoed his teammates sentiments.

“When you’re out there, you always have a chat with Gareth in the middle of the park,” said McCarthy. “It’s obviously great to play alongside him and his experience is always good to have in there.

“Having him there to talk to you and tell you things here and there is always a big thing for me and I’m sure that goes for the rest of the lads as well.”


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