Lukaku agent pushing for Roma move – Deal close?

Italian newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport are saying that Romelu Lukaku is close to a move to Italian club Roma as part of a wider deal by new Lukaku agent Mino Raiola.

Raiola is using Lukaku in part of a deal that will move players (Mattia Destro) from Monaco to Roma.

If the Italians can’t get Destro then Bacca or Lukaku are high on the wanted list of the Italians and the paper feel that Lukaku already has one foot in Roma due to his agents work with the club.

Raiola has already angered Everton fans with his disparaging remarks about the club and any attempt to unsettle Lukaku on Merseyside will not be greeted well.


Do you think Lukaku will be at Everton next season?


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  1. Destro is a Roma player just came back from a loan spell at AC Milan. It’s Monaco who wants to purchase Destro from Roma.

      • True, but I agree with Brian.
        Your tag line (or whatever it’s called) suggests this is a ‘story’ rather than just cheap tabloid rumour-peddling.
        Re-hashing this sort of tripe may earn you ‘clicks’ in the short-term, but will lose you readers in the medium to long term.

  2. Think Brian has an issue on how you are reporting it. You are supposed to be an EVERTON site and yet you seem to run the story with a headline that baffles me. Don’t mind being informed on the possibility of his agent trying more unsettling tactics. But please act like an Everton site and condone it yourself. Asking a question ‘do you think lukuku will be at the club next season’ is a poll for Sky Sports. Not an Evertonian site!

  3. It is fast approaching the time whereby agents have to be stopped from doing this sort of stunt. If I were the player I would sack him immediately as he is ruining the player-fanbase rapport


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