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How will Everton fans be spending the summer? 

How will Everton fans be spending the summer? 

How will Everton fans be spending the summer?

Easter eggs, hot cross buns, it can only mean one thing. Another season of Premier League football is drawing to a close. For Everton supporters, it has been a mixed year of memorable wins blended with embarrassing under-achievement. The first two games of April, beating Arsenal one week and losing to Fulham the next, served as a perfect microcosm of Everton’s entire season.

The question now for the Everton faithful, however, is how to spend Saturday afternoons over the coming months till the new season gets underway in August. Here are a few ideas.

Immerse yourself in transfer fever

Over the past couple of years, in particular, transfer season has been as dramatic and hectic as any game out in the middle. The pundits agree that Everton will have a busy off season, and Seamus Coleman told the Independent last month that he expects the team to “spend big,” particularly if they are able to grab that last qualifying berth for the Europa League.

In particular, the skipper is hoping that those holding the purse strings will offer permanent contracts to Andre Gomes and Kurt Zouma, who are currently on loan from Barcelona and Chelsea respectively.

Indulge in some escapism

How many of us have thought from time to time that if we were in charge, we would soon get Everton to the top? Perhaps the off season is a perfect time to prove the point. Forget FIFA, Football Manager is the original and best football game out there – after all, how many other games are there that have been around since 1982?

It does require something of a time commitment, however, but for quicker gratification, there are plenty of other fun, free and immersive football games. Champions Cup is one of the better football-themed slots, and if you visit free-spins.org here you can find the best place to play it without having to lay any money down.

Summer tournaments

The World Cup was last year and Euro is next year. However, there are other things happening on the international stage if you know where to look. The CONIFA European Cup, for example, is taking place in the little-known nation of Artsakh. If you’ve never heard of CONIFA before, it is well worth reading up on the organisation and the forthcoming event.

Further afield, there is also Copa America to look forward to. Everton fans will be torn between backing Richarlison and tournament favourites Brazil or following Yerry Mina’s fortunes with Colombia. The teams are in separate groups, so it will be possible to follow both, and if things go to form, they could well meet up in the semi final.

Other sports

There’s a big summer of sport ahead if you fancy a break from football. Everton’s most famous fan, John Parrott, will be guiding fans through the tension of the World Snooker Championship over the coming weeks, and come June, the nation will be going cricket-mad for the World Cup. Once that is done, it will almost be time for the new Premier League season to start, so however you choose to spend it, enjoy the summer!


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