The Flaw in Moshiri’s Plan

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Another transfer window & another signing dragged out like a major plot in a soap opera!

This time it’s Morgan Schneiderlin. Ronald Koeman has made it clear that Steve Walsh & himself have identified targets & made it clear to the board who they want to bring in, that’s their job done, over to you Bill!

Manchester United were reportedly asking £24m for their out of favour midfielder, so of course, we waste valuable time in the January window by offering £19m……a week ago, & still, as far as we know, a deal hasn’t been done. We have the money, what we don’t have is time! Surely in this instance, to get the players in that Koeman desperately wants and needs, we pay the price, get the deal done & move on to the next target!

The Schneiderlin transfer is dragging on in typical Everton style.

Farhad Moshiri is changing many things at Everton, the promise of a new stadium, we’ve seen him bring in his number one managerial target, Ronald Koeman, a man who knows what it takes to win trophies, we then went on to recruit Steve Walsh from Champions Leicester where he was responsible for bringing in players such as Mahrez, Vardy & Kante, all of whom played vital roles in Leicester’s title winning season. It isn’t hard to see what Moshiri is trying to do here is it?

So after identifying the best possible site for a world class waterfront stadium, after bringing in winners to manage the team and hunt down the best transfer options for us, why do we still allow Bill Kenwright to head transfer negotiations, why? For me its a fundamental flaw in Moshiri’s plan & has the potential to derail it.

Moshiri claims he wants to make a statement.

I’m the first to admit I didn’t want Koeman here, I was one of the deluded blues who thought we were in with a shout of bringing Mourinho to Everton, but it didn’t take long for him to win me over. He’s obviously a big part of what Moshiri believes we need to make us winners again & that’s what we all want, to win things! But how long will Koeman stay with us if he doesn’t get the backing from the board & i’m not talking about financial backing. I’m talking about the ability to get deals over the line & in that respect not much seems to have changed.

Moshiri has changed a lot at Everton in the short time he’s been here. He’s given us Koeman & Walsh, he’s made the dream of a waterfront stadium a very realistic possibility, he’s bought Usmanov to the table and paid the clubs debts, but it’s no good pulling up the weeds and leaving the roots in tact, they’ll simply undo all the hard work you’ve done, you’ll be back to square one and as long as Moshiri allows Kenwright to conduct transfer negotiations his plan is at risk of being undone!

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  1. Welcome to our club Ronald now you see how we dither over transfers, you will be lucky to sign a couple of much needed players the way things are Mr moshiri you need to put pressure on board or I can see koeman walking at the end of the season he has great ambitions this will not look good on his c.v


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