Everton have only submitted transfer fee of £30m to Swansea for Gylfi

Everton have only submitted a transfer package of £30m to Swansea for midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson according to the Times Paul Joyce.

Media reports over the last few days have said that Everton have had a £40m offer rejected by the South Wales club, although the sourced Joyce says otherwise in his latest report.

Sigurdsson has failed to travel with Swansea City on their tour of the United States of America and it is thought that he is keen to join Everton.

His move has seen many different opinions on the fee with many feeling that the reported £50m fee would be too much.

How much is Sigurdsson really worth and do you want him at Everton?

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  1. Seems to have been tapped up.So everton think they can get him cheap because “he really,really wants to play for us.” Cough up or clear off.Spurs still waiting in the wings too..soooo £50 million or “no deal”.

    • what has happened to premier league and the cash being spent on players, in the old 1st Division days money was hard to come by, Trevor Francis Birmingham Cty was the first £1,000,000 player,Tony Hatley Notts Cnty was the first £100,000 player to Liverpool,there is that much money around these days little but famous
      Accrington Stanley now spend megga bucks on a player that they could have bought a whole team plus reserves a number of years ago, Rant over off my soap box

  2. Tapping up a player and trying to unsettle him so as to get him for less than another club already offered. As Southampton also found out, this is the Scouse way.

      • other clubs are only envious of the money Everton can call upon thats why prices are inflated, the cash Everton have spent is part do to the money Man utd gave for LUKAKU PLUS THE £20 Million from sky sport tv rights

  3. Sigurdsson is NOT worth more than £25 million just because Everton have an open cheque book
    ( remember them ) clubs are uping the price of any player that Everton are linked with, Everton do the scouting and teams like West ham are also in the frame, it seems of if Everton are interested the player then he must be good

  4. I simply do not understand all the comments regarding the valuation of Sigurdsson.

    He is under contract to Swansea City – they value him at £50 million – that is what they feel they would need to even think about talking to other clubs about selling him. That is what he is worth to THEM.

    This is his value to Swansea City – if another club do not feel that is the value he is to them then fair enough – move on and do not pursue it. It is simply.

    I really do not get what people cannot grasp.

    £50 million and the club will open discussions – anything less – have nice day.

  5. Without going into any detail about “The scouse way”other than to say, what a stupid peurile comment and “working with the press” much the same, I’d just like to give an opinion on Evertons pursuit of Sigurdsson. First off, is he worth the money even in todays inflated market? I would venture to say no.He’s a good and proven premier league player who is good at set pieces, but who’s overall outfield play is average to say the least. He doesn’t defend and his tackling is woeful. I believe Everton would be better served trying to come to some agreement with Ross Barkley who is by far a better player than Sigurdsson on most counts and to think that he may play against Everton next season is galling.
    It is of course Swansea’s prerogative to ask what they will for their player in an effort to get the best price they can, I just wish Everton would walk away from a deal where they come out the losers.
    £50m for a player of Sigurdsson’s ability is, to be honest, laughable.


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