Everton in £15m bid for Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney

    Okay, this obviously hasn’t happened, but this is about as stupid as the current Manchester United bid for Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini. 

    David Moyes is taking the proverbial piss with his current bid and has shown massive comtempt to the Everton faithful that supported him through thick and thin.  If we were to bid £15m for Wayne Rooney or £10m for Robin Van Persie, it would be as bigger pisstake as the £28m offer for the Everton pair.

    You only have to look back a few years to the head turning that Manchester City’s resident managerial tosser at the time, Mark Hughes did towards Joleon Lescott, that angered the blues manager and fans alike.

    After seeing derisory offers of £15m and £18m for their star defender, they eventually offered £23m for the player who acted like a child to get his move.  Moyes then said: “You just hope people will do things correctly, but that hasn’t happened here,” he said at the time.

    “They should look at how Real Madrid tied up Cristiano Ronaldo by paying what United considered the right price and doing it in time for United to spend the money, if they wanted.”

    It’s amazing how things change now the shoe is on the other foot.

    Joke Offer


    What our former manager should realise is that Everton don’t have to sell.  The banks are up to date on the payments, we haven’t spent much money on transfers and we don’t really need to strengthen many areas.  The increased TV money means that clubs have received a windfall of cash, if they haven’t already spent it on transfers.

    The club have issued a statement via new head of comms, Alan Myers which says:

    Everton can confirm that it has received bids from Manchester United for two players. Those bids were immediately rejected out of hand as derisory and insulting.        

    The Club did not make public these details as it was vital Roberto Martinez’s preparations for the opening game of the Premier League season were not disrupted in anyway.

    Despite what the media say we aren’t plucky little Everton.  We may not have the global appeal of a club like Man United, but we are a large club with history and power.

    I believe that most Manchester United fans would see the latest bids as a bit of a joke bid and are probably a little bit embarrassed by the penny pinching…… whether by Moyes or their new chief exex Edward Woodward.  I imagine that they will meet the asking price for both players, but until they meet that, neither player will leave.

    I certainly think the tides have changed on the Everton fans opinions of their ex manager.


    What is your view?  Have your say at

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    1. I really don’t see what Moyes and Man Utd have done wrong? When Moyes left Everton, he severed all ties with the club which is what you should do, and you don’t carry sentiment into your new job. Moyes knows Fellaini and Baines very well and if he thinks Everton might accept £28m for the pair because nobody else has come in for them all summer, then why not try to steal them at a bargain price for your new club? Managing Everton for 11 years does not mean you try to protect their purse once you have moved on, instead you try to protect the purse of Man Utd because they are now his concern. £28m is way below their market value and everyone in football knows this, but did we really expect him to come to Everton and say we will offer you £70m for the pair because he used to Manage us? Everyone needs to get a grip of reality and perspective with this one. It looks like we will get around £34m for them when all is said and done as it was an “initial offer”, but for gods sake let it finally sink in that he has no obligations to us now, that’s history.

      • This isn’t the first bid though it’s just insulting. I understand testing the water. BUT he bid £10m for Baines and then a £12m final offer for Baines. This new bid values Fellaini at £16m, despite us buying him for £15m and improving him over 4 years.

        Either put up or shut up.

        It’s not about him managing us, its about him respecting us as a club. NOT taking the piss for the 3rd time this summer.

        • You have 2 understand that baines is 29 next month so there is no re-sale value 4 anyone that buys him, as 4 fellaini id say around the £20 million mark is pushing it 2 its top bid. Man utd can offer what they want, no one wanted this guy at his buy-out clause because teams saw it as 2 much, so why would anyone go any higher now his clause has ended.

          • Or maybe they were just waiting til the end of the window as they thought they could screw Everton down on money? We bought Fellaini for £17.5 if reports are correct. We have improved him over the last 4-5 years. You mention resale value, yet you contradict your point when you think Everton shouldn’t get resale on a player that has improved and scores double figures from midfield.

            Baines is 29 soon. RVP was 30. Baines made the most key assists in Europe last year, would probably add an extra 5 or 6 goals to RVP alone and generally scores 4/5 per season. I would say he is well worth it if he helps you progress in Europe.

            Manchester United don’t always buy players to get a resale value. Baines still has a good 6 years left at the top level. He is a very fit player.

            If you dont want to get the players, don’t offer enough. Everton fans will quite happily keep them. They are still massively underrated in general anyway.

      • “if he thinks Everton might accept £28m” But he doesn’t. You go on to say “£28m is way below their market value and everyone in football knows this”, so why would Everton accept it?!

        Even if we were desperate for money (which, incredibly, we’re not at the minute)and £28million would save the club, even then I doubt we would accept such a laughable offer.

        £12million for your best player and a loss on a 25 year old, international, first team player?! Are you mad?!

      • I think your valuation at £34m is as way off the mark as Man U’s – unless it starts with at least a 4 any bid is there to unsettle the players and nothing else. I can’t believe the tapping up in the papers which has clearly come from the Man U hierarchy (with Moyes’s knowledge) asking for our players to put a transfer request in!? As soon as Moyes gets hold of some cash he starts the dirty tricks to get his man. I wonder if Bobby M will act in the same manner over McCarthy…. Truely lacking in class Davy. Welcome to Manchester.

        • Fellini is minimum £25m and Bainsey minimum £15m (due to his age) so that’s £40m as a starting point.
          I hope Blue Bill doesn’t cave in for any less than this as it won’t be easy replacing either of them. If it were my choice I would hang on to Bains and cash in on Felli now to bring in 2 decent midfield replacements.

    2. I agree entirely. As a United fan I can only apologise to all Evertonians out there for this nonsensical attempt to buy the pair of them. If we don’t sign them we will only have the club to blame for their own stupidity. I wish Everton all the best for the new season and hope that if we do buy them for a fair price, you will get the replacements you want before the deadline as well because that is the way it should be.

    3. Stewart you are a dick tim thanks for comments moyes has done exactly what he said should not be done lescot scenario and if you don’t find this insulting to everton football club fuck of and support Liverpool you big cock Stewart

    4. I think David Moyes is trying a real dirty here. In my opinion, he is offering a pittance for the 2 in order to try to get them to request a transfer to Man Utd.
      That way Everton may be forced to sell to Man Utd at a price far below the actual value of the players.
      Sneaky, underhand and unbelievable, if the case. This is especially the case if you consider how Everton have been so faithful to David Moyes.

    5. What is the issue? … If someone offers you something that you do not want to accept you simply say ‘No Thanks’ . Man Utd are just testing the water as they are entitled to do. Don’t make big deal out of it…money talks and if the right money is placed on the table we will capitulate as usual and flog on our best players. This is why we will remain in the 2nd tier of football.

    6. Insulting and derisory are kind words when looking at this joke of an offer, Moyes said he loved and respected our club ???…..he’s a fucking liar

    7. One thing – Moyes is not the one who actually makes the bids. It is the suits that do the business and the current crop seem as clever as our new Badge Designer… i wonder if Moyes has any say in how much they bid etc. Whoever is in charge of this is an absolute joke and I now am very much ready to hate Man U like never before! Great stuff! They said last offer for Baines at 12m and now are trying to do a double bid even cheaper. Fellaini and Baines are top draw and we don’t need the money nor have time to find replacements. No class Man U and they have screwed Moysey as we will absolutely hammer him and his team next time he shows his ginger mug at Goodison!

    8. Big difference…..Ronaldo was the best player in the world, proven at the very highest level. Ballon D’or winner, 3 x Prem winner, and CL winner.
      Baines and Fellaini might be the bright lights of Everton but they hardly stand up to the greatest players in Europe.
      Baines = best part of 30, over the hill and never played at top level, CL, Europa Cup etc.
      Fellaini, Everton paid way too much for him when they bought him and again has no proven track record at the highest level. Everton is one thing, United is a totally different animal.
      £28mi is fair offer for two average players.
      Hope Everton resist as these two wouldn’t add anything to a team hoping to win the title and compete in CL.

      • I hooe that Everton now have the balls to turn around and refuse to sell anyone now, period. Let’s face it, we don’t have a lot of money but, we would only need a lot should we sell these two. We have the position of power here despite the lack of champions league. I say, pay stupid money, as Levy would demand for spurs players, or do one. One thing should be made clear is that man utd should be told to whistle for these players now as they have behaved in the most deployable and underhanded way possible. Maybe they should go for suarez. It would be a good fit.

      • Bob, u r a true gobshite, I forgot how fukn world class Tom cleverly and Danny welbeck are. Look at your own team of bell ends before u start criticising ours u cocksucker !!!!!! Fellaini an baines would improve any team in the world, never mind yours u tit !!!!!

        • Any team in the world? Is that what you think in your delusional world? Then why has nobody ever bid for them since they have been at Everton?

          Everton itself would not pay above 25 mil for these 2 if they were playing for someone else. Baines is nearing 30 and Fellaini is unproven at european level.

          How much do u think Everton should pay for McCarthy, an unproven yet bright young “English” prospect?

    9. Snoop, Rooney ‘was’ literally a child when he left Everton to chase the dream – He went from promising Academy starlet to first team hero in a very short time. Like the Red Devils Advocate he turned tail at the prospect of accolades beyond the club which he still supports at heart.

      The Red Devils poached Moyes very much like they did with Rooney. Yeah the bastards have apologised about the way they virtually handcuffed Moyes to the UTD bus but our beloved Davey didn’t need any pushing did he? And that my fellow Evertonians should have spelled it out right there, right then. The loyalty we had come to love had been sucked into that parallel dimension where money, not loyalty, determines a clubs success.

      Moyes is now doing exactly what the UTD board expect of him. Buy low, sell high.

      In some small way, I am finally glad to see that a manager of such a huge club is trying to make sensible offers for players. We wont sell to the cheeky bastard at those prices but if the rest of the Premier league followed suit we may eventually get to a point where players are paid what they are actually worth.

      Theres a sobering thought.

      • Why did Everton make the bid public if they have no intention of selling?
        Thats what you Everton fans need to ask yourselfs!
        Now its public Moyes can comment all he wants in the media to turn the players heads wven more.
        If Everton had kept stum, the minute ANYONE FROM UTD mentiined it via the media Everton could then threaten to go to the FA.
        The fear of points being docked would be enough to hold utd at bay and hold onto your players.
        As S purs fan it looks luke Everton have already agreed the transfer, there just playing the media game to apease the Toffe fans!

        Left back available at Spurs, Beniot would only be £5/6m top top player, not as good as Baines but not many are.
        Take Rodwell back on loan, job done, £30m banked and 2 decent replacements, good luck Toffes, love having a proper football club visit at the lane!

        • The transfer had already been leaked via the press, not sure which side did it, but I’m guessing Everton or one of the agents.

          We will sell both players if they match our fee. Fellaini will definitely go, Baines is possible, but they will need to go north of £35m.

          I think we have every intention of selling if the price is right.

    10. There’s something fishy about these bids. No doubt Moyes wants both Bainsey and Fellaini, as do 18 other managers in the premiership. He is not someone without integrity, and his loyal service over 11 years should have convinced us of that. Moving from Everton to Manure is not going to change his character overnight.

      I think the anger should be directed at Ed Woodward, the new director at Manure, who thinks he can run a football club like he used to run a hedge fund as an investment banker, and try to screw the lesser folks over. I’m guessing Moyes identified his transfer targets, then let the money people take over negotiations, which unfortunately are totally lacking in class and reality. It’s not just Everton he’s tried to scrooge over, think about the transfer flops over Fabregas, Ronaldo, Alcantra, Modric, etc.

      I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the Manure boardroom, to see how angry Moyes is over how his good name has been sacrificed over this clown’s transfer tactics!

    11. That’s a derisory bid for Rooney. How dare they! 🙂

      I think they should just try and sign Baines if the price is right. Fellaini is way overpriced.

    12. Bob, what planet are you from?
      Baine is without ANY shadow of doubt the BEST LB in world football. He is 29…so what? when is he ever injured?
      Some of you reds are effing deluded, you come on here with reasons why Felli and baines aren’t worth what Everton are asking, yetget all out of hape because Everton won’t kowtow to Man U and sell, if the lad are overated, wtf do you want them for? I bear no grudge to Moyes, he is representing his new employer and his actions do not offend me at all, he wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t try and get talent on the cheap. Anyway, lookingforward to beating you at GP again 🙂

    13. Look Im a huge UTD fan, I admit Fallaini is top draw and prob worth 20m no more. Baines is 29! hes a left back how much do yo Toffes think hes worth ???? I read that Baines i sthe best laft back in world football! you guys are living in cloud blue land! Better than cole? cl winner. Better than Evra? cl winner. better than Alba cl winner? better than marcelo? bloody hell. And Falaini is our fourth choice CM. Dont forget how many players we have given you on the cheap! to help you out as Moisey and SAF where freinds. get a grip guys. 28 million is about 7 m short. thats all. stop freaking out!!!

      • How would Manu U fans know how good (or bad) Baines and Fellaini are if they haven’t watched them week in, week out? I rest my case. Typical shit talkers. It is embarrassing to read your comments.


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