About different types of football bets

Even the most seasoned casino players would agree that sports betting is a far more complicated activity than gambling. There are comparatively much lesser options in online blackjack or roulette than in football betting. In addition, there are plenty of different ways you can bet on Everton’s matches too. Although services like SBAT football predictions can be of great help, you should be thoroughly aware of these different football bet types, to make well-informed betting decisions. Let’s throw some light on them as follows:


Money line bets

These bets are about predicting the match-winner. When placing such bets, all you need to do is select the side you think will emerge the winner. The offered odds are in the form of a number higher than 100 (negative or positive). While a favourite normally has a minus sign against its odds, the underdog is shown with a plus sign. For example, the money line offered for a team that’s a slight favourite going into a game might be -115, implying you’d need to bet $ 115 to make a profit of $ 100.

Point spread bets

These type of football bets involve two options – away win and home win. The possibility of a draw doesn’t hold any relevance here. In the event that the game finishes as a draw, the bet is considered a ‘push’ and all related wagers are paid back to the punters.

Over/under goals

As evident from its name, in this bet type you’re essentially betting on the number of goals scored in a football match. So, if the line has been set at ‘2.5’ by the bookmaker, you’d be required to bet either over 2.5 (let’s say 3 or more number of goals) or under 2.5, that is 2 goals or 1 goal.

Total goals

This is about the total number of goals scored in a football match. Although it seems similar to the previous ‘over/under goals’ bet type, the lines provided for this one are normally 0 to 1, 2 to 3 and 4+. However, the total number of goals are with respect to the entire match, and not just the ones scored by the either team.

Anytime/First goalscorer

Despite the fact that they have plenty of things in common, these are two completely different bet types. As evident, first goalscorer is about predicting which player will score the first goal in a football match. Anytime goalscorer on the other hand is about predicting who all will score goals in the concerned match. When placing anytime goalscorer bets, it’s important to ensure that the players you have in mind are indeed in the starting lineup. Some of the bookmakers may actually refund your money if the player/s you had backed didn’t open.


Single bets

The easiest football bet you can place, it’s also commonly referred to as a straight bet, wherein you must predict the exact result of the match.


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Multiple bets

Also popularly known as combo bets or parlays, these are a combination of two or more bets. Although very profitable, they’re pretty risky considering the fact that all inclusions must win, to win the overall bet. Trebles and doubles are the most popular types of multiple bets.


Half-time result

As in case of the straight bets, you are required to predict the score line at the halftime stage of a football match.



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