David Moyes: Everton should bend over for the almighty power that is Manchester United as I would have done

    Moyes cranked up the transfer row between Manchester United and Everton by telling Roberto Martinez and his chairman Bill Kenwright that they should consider what the two players want.

    He made little attempt to disguise the fact that he knows the ambition and desire of both Belgium midfielder Fellaini and England left-back Baines is to move to Old Trafford and have the chance to play in the Champions League.

    But his words will only serve to further infuriate Everton, who have already said that United’s £28million joint bid is “insulting and derisory”.

    Asked if he had sympathy for Martinez’s situation at Goodison Park, he said: “I definitely do. But I also know that if I’d been Everton manager and Sir Alex Ferguson had come asking for Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini, I’d have found it very difficult to keep them, because I always felt the right thing to do was what was right for the players.”

    When asked if he would have felt that way if Ferguson had made the same £28m offer for the players that he has, he replied: “Ah, that’s a different question, which I’ve tried to answer.”

    Moyes knows he risks accusations of hypocrisy by Everton fans, who remember well his fury when Manchester City came calling for Joleon Lescott four years ago.

    After rejecting several offers, Everton eventually sold Lescott for £22m but Moyes felt they had unsettled the player and the affair had affected his squad as they crashed to an embarrassing 6-1 opening day home defeat to Arsenal.

    But he defended his current tactics on Fellaini and Baines, arguing that he is perfectly within his rights to make an offer, just as he accepts Chelsea, who visit Old Trafford on Monday, are perfectly entitled to keep making offers for Wayne Rooney.

    He is in regular contact with ex-boss Kenwright, suggesting that if his old chairman has any problem with United’s approach then he has not mentioned it in their regular phone calls.

    Moyes also pointed out that it was Everton who went public with United’s latest offer.

    He added: “I speak to Bill regularly, we speak most weeks. He was great for me and, hopefully, he would think that I’d done a good job for him as well and Everton. There’s no way there is any disrespect whatsoever.

    “The bid from Manchester United’s point of view was a private thing and, if and when we make a new offer, we would keep that offer private and confidential as well. It wasn’t our choice [to make it public] – that’s up to them. You need to ask them that question.

    “The thing I have to get in here is that Everton are the club I have just left. They are a great club, I respect them greatly. Of course, taking a player is going to affect them, but I’m doing what I have to do in my job.

    “This is just a case where we’ve made an offer, we didn’t make it public to anybody, so we will try and answer the questions as best we can.

    “The transfer window is open and we are allowed to make bids and clubs can say ‘Yes or no.’ It’s as simple as that. That’s what it is.

    “I think there’s sort of a mixed market at the moment. No one is sure where the price is right now. It’s a sort of strange market. Suddenly someone could give you big money.

    “We’ve had offers for players at this club which we feel are quite small. And I can see the situation where other clubs might be thinking what we’ve bid is not enough value for their players as well.”

    There was a patronising element to Moyes’ response to Martinez’s claim that “United’s bid lacked common sense”.

    “Roberto is in a new job and I’m sure he’ll get to understand how Everton work,” he said.

    “I know exactly how they work. I think I’ve signed every player at Everton so I know a lot about them. All we can do is do our job here. They [Baines and Fellaini] are both excellent players.”

    Everton’s goalkeeper legend Neville Southall weighed into the row yesterday by describing Moyes’ offer as “despicable”, but the United manager said he was unaware of those remarks.

    Moyes is relishing his reunion with Jose Mourinho in Monday’s showdown against Chelsea – his first home game since becoming United boss.

    He said: “I really like Jose. He’s one of the modern era managers and has had great success. I’m really looking forward to seeing him back at Old Trafford.”

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    1. Have to agree with Southall. Man Utd and Moyes are taking us for mugs and we must show them we are not!
      If Fellaini and/or Baines are desperate to further their careers then all they have to do is ask for a transfer. As they haven’t, all I can presume is that they are happy where they are. Is that so hard to understand Mr Moyes aka big fat hypocrite!
      I was one of his biggest fans when he was our manager but the way he is trying to steal 2 of our best players for a pittance is disgusting and lacking in respect.
      I am quickly going off the man!
      There is no way he would have sold them for the price he is asking so why is he trying to get them for that price? If you want them that badly, and they mean that much to you Moyes – prove it by paying their full value.
      I would accept nothing less than £40m for them both if they asked for transfers, other than that I would keep both players.
      We must remember that despite not winning a trophy for many years we are still a huge club who should convey this to the footballing world.

    2. I think Manushited should take a leaf out of their rules they say to Chelsea to leave Rooney alone but what about the harassment over fabregas hypocrites !!!!

    3. Speaking as a United fan, I have found our actions very strange, & a little inflammatory towards Everton.
      Woodward is clearly a clown, who has the Glazers penny-pinching ethics deep in his heart.
      The offers have been too low, that is clear, & if you want a club to part with their players, then you must offer an amount that they cannot turn down.
      Dragging it on over the summer in the attempt to try and cut the price and give the players themselves, if they did move, no pre-season to settle in adapt, is just pretty poor.
      For Moyes himself, he must know what he thought was a fair valuation for the players, & what he would have accepted.

    4. The man is a total ditherer. Utd will probably sign four players at the close of the window they did not really want or need. Moyes out!

    5. Moyes the mercenary – IN MOYES we HATE.

      The respect and class that Everton fans showed for the last home game of the season towards Moyes epitomised Everton Football Club and the people of Liverpool. We don’t suffer fools gladly and as Shankly once said about the Liverpool people, they are an “intelligent lot and they won’t be kidded”. For Moyes to act in such a manner puts into perspective the arrogance and self-importance of the man – a man who won us nothing, similar to Mike Walker in that respect, but I would have more good feeling to Walker at this juncture. He knew he was going in December last year and basically lied to everybody at the club except for Neville (need I say more) and Fellaini who bought a house in Coronation Street. Does he really think we are that stupid – and treating a “mate” in such a way is truly dishonourable. Whatever you think of Blue Bill K, he is a true Evertonian and gave Moyes that chance when he was unable to get Preston into the Permiership after a number of attempts.

      So he says Everton should release Fellaini and Baines to a club where they will fulfill their potential. Both are current internationals earning several million per year. Both are playing for a truly great football club with probably the best fans in the business. Baines could have gone to Bayern last season and won the European Cup. Moyes did not let him go – why not Davey? In terms of Fellaini, if they offer the right money, we would be happy to let him go but just because Fellaini may want to play Champions League football, should we sell on the cheap? After all, Manure are not the only club playing “Champions League” football – although the name of the competition is a misrepresentation (i.e. when I was at school, we got nothing for 2nd and 3rd place, never mind 4th.) Of course, money if the true God of football (now that Sir Alex has gone.) He, by the way won 2 Euro Cups in 26 years with allegedly the most “successful” and richest clubs in world football. Under the old Euro Cup rules he would have won one due to qualification. Dare I say Mr Paisley won 3 Euro Cups in 8 years and is never mentioned amongst the London – Mancunian press in England.

      I would refuse to sell any of our player to Manure – Rooney was sold cheaply and they will be after Barkley next if we bend so easily. I would invite offers from Arsenal who are another Champions League Club where he can then “realise his ambitions” just like Mikel Arteta. How much of a weekly pay cut did you agree to Mikel? Worth it to play in some champions league qualifiers and win nothing? Maybe so, but if Arsenal do cough up £25M, I would be glad to let him go.

      In terms of Baines – never! If they really wanted to go, they would simply hand in a transfer request. That is the mechanics of contracts in football or any business i.e. you waive your rights to the contract.

      Dithering and Dour Davey Moyes didn’t even address the fans for the last home game – saving the lies for the press and Blue Bill. Well Davey, stick it where the sun doesn’t shine – I hope your time holding the poison chalice is paved with failings just like Tommy Docherty, Dave Sexton -I hope you do not surpass Big Ron from Old Swan also.

      You could have won us the cup – you failed miserably. Your are a mercenary and a liar and not fit to be associated with our football club.

      What’s our name – “Everton”.

      Finally, I watched a DVD of the 1968 drama last night – The Golden Vision – I wonder what those lads would have made of the current situation and also Sir John Moores who also appeared. Bill Dean (great gent) would have turned in his grave and so would my grandparents God Bless them. The programme epitomised the greatness of Everton football club and its fans, highlighting the fanatical support and genuine feeling and relationship of the club and it’s people. David Moyes has truly disrespected this and the arrogance he has shown is typical of a Manchester United representative (with the exception of Busby and Charlton who I greatly respected).

      I would ask Baines if he wanted to leave and if so let him go to any Champions League club that is not Manchester United. I would also do the same with Fellaini. I would request £30Million for Fellaini and £20 Million for Baines which is our and a realistic valuation. If they were not that good, Manchester United would not want to sign them. Desperate and ditering Davey is turning Manure into “Everton with money” albeit they are almost £1BN in debt – when do the FIFA rules kick in? Is all of this fair? Is it even relevant. If you want to shop at Harrods, show us the money, otherwise go to Poundland – isnt that what Barca (a truly great club) told you!!!!!

      Have a nice day Roberto – Good luck you you and the boys today COYBB!!!

      • Re-the section about Mr Paisley and his cups.
        Look at the structure of the European cup then, how many games it took in, and certainly on at least a couple of those wins, the opponents en route.
        I’m not trying to cause an argument, but it is certainly valid, given those points.


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