Are Everton overlooking Barkley’s potential?


In article posted on Mirror Online, Everton midfielder Ross Barkley claimed, “I’m a striker. I can have the greatest impact there. I’m free to roam around, take players on, have shots and create chances.” Throughout the majority of his career, he’s performed as an attacking midfielder, which questions whether or not his potential is being recognised at Goodison Park.

The club has racked many disappointing results this season, scoring a woeful 30 points over the first 30 games. Last season, Barkley took the Premier League by storm, assisting the club in a very successful season while achieving individual goals. Sadly, the same cannot be said for this campaign as we, as a club, sit in 13th place in the League. The Everton star acknowledges his shortcomings and that his performance this season is way below the team’s standards and the public’s expectations, but like many other athletes, he has to go through some bad times before he reaches his full potential.

When sports betting site BetFair weighed up the Toffees’ domestic losses against their European wins, it revealed that Everton could be the exception to the rule during their Premier League crisis. However, hope for the reaching a respectable league finish could depend on Everton and whether they decide to move Barkley further forward, or keep him in midfield. After having a lack of consistency in his game as well as being in and out of the side, Barkley believes his best position could well be as a striker.

For now though, Barkley is focusing on improving his form, making sure that he gets everything right during training so that his talent and skill translates to the pitch. Although the Toffees are in some indifferent form right now, the young star perceives this situation as a momentary lapse and believes that they will finish the season strong. Kristian Walsh of the Liverpool Echo speculates that the overall success of the club hinges on maximising Barkley’s potential, and that every decision that they make should be focused on that to fulfill their medium-term and long-term goals.

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