Allardyce concedes Everton couldn’t compete with Arsenal

Everton manager Sam Allardyce feels that his side couldn’t compete with Arsenal following their 5-1 drubbing but feels his side will get over it fairly quickly.

Allardyce also made mention of what he called a spirited recovery in the second half (which is of little consolation to fans who saw their side 4-0 down at half-time) and says his team played much better after the break and change in formation.

“I think we have all accepted that we weren’t able to compete with Arsenal,” Allardyce said in his pre-match press conference, “but I think, in reality, an Arsenal team as good as that punishes a lot of teams and has punished a lot of teams on their own soil.

“We found that difficult to cope with, certainly in the first 30 to 35 minutes. I have to say there was a spirited recovery that would be forgotten about when you see [the] 5-1 [scoreline] but there was a spirited recovery in the second half by the players.

“They actually took the game to Arsenal and created more chances in the second half. Only I would know that because it’s my job to study the whole game.

“It’s one of those blips we’ve got to get over and get over it quickly as a team. They’ve managed to do that [before] because we’ve created more opportunities by gaining points from behind than most teams in the Premier League.

“So, we don’t always fall foul to a heavy defeat. We actually lose a goal and actually come back and get a result quite well and as good as any team in the Premier League. So we’ve not really to forget that on one isolated incident at that particular time.”


Was Allardyce correct that Everton can’t compete with Arsenal?

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