A Critical Look or Why Cenk Tosun Is Not an Everton Transfer Gamble

A look at the assertion by the Everton manager that his newest signing is not an Everton transfer gamble, following a barrage of criticisms of the Turkish man’s performance so far

Many people who follow the Everton transfer deals so closely will understand that the case of Cenk Tosun seems to be among the longest lasting Everton transfer saga. The bid to bring him to transfer him to Everton lasted for a long time. However, the Turkish man later embarked on the transfer from Besiktas to Everton at the cost of £20 million in January transfer window. With the arrival of the striker to Everton, many people believed that he would be a good boost to the clubs frontline that already has the likes of Wayne Rooney and others.

What Prompted The Everton Transfer Gamble Comment?

A string of performances from his arrival till February left his manager, who spearheaded the transfer admitting that he is still not at his best. Everton had their worst game against Arsenal. It was a game that had been worn and lost by the break. It saw Everton doing nothing good at all, and gave some Arsenal players the chance to claim a hero status. In the game that ended 5-1 in favor of arsenal, Aaron Ramsey, who we can’t name among the best performers of the current season, got a hat trick. Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who made his home debut, also got three assists, and it was also the game in which Arsenal’s January transfer window signing, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang got his first for Arsenal on his debut. Everton was so bad that Laurent Koscielny also got on the score sheet.

However, while Arsenal new transfers were doing well, the product of Everton’s new transfer who was brought on at the 78th minute did not impress anyone. He did not even impress the manager who has much faith in him. Everton’s consolation goal was only scored by Dominic Calvert-Lewin. That was why Sam Allardyce had to posit after the game that Tosun has not fulfilled the service he owes him. He also said that the pace and physicality of the English premier league has made him to struggle within this stage of his career. This was in response to the questions about when Everton’s new man will be seen on the pitch again, as he has not started a game since his transfer.

Of course, football is not like a free play casino. That was why the manager also posited that he will now work on him with a slower pace and allow him more playing time. This is with the hope that he will become better and possibly start his first game since his transfer before the end of the season.

The Player’s Response

When the new man was interviewed on his performance for the club, he admitted facing difficulties at Everton since his transfer to the club. But the man at the center of Everton’s January transfer has no intention of quitting. He admitted that adjusting to a new environment is never easy. The house, friends and everything has been different since his transfer, though it is still in the same Europe where he was born.  He said his transfer was from a league he has played all through his life to the one that is more difficult than any other in the world. So, adaptation is not an easy thing. On the manager that made his Everton transfer possible, he posited that he already told him it would not be easy. He also attested that the coach has been very helpful since he completed his Everton transfer. He also said that he is still a fan of Besiktas, but will never go back without giving a good account of himself at Everton. He is ready to prove himself to everyone in England because he never leaves a task without completing it. At last, he also admitted that he will transfer back to turkey after doing a god job at Everton. Cenk said he is trying to understand his teammates here, something which was already in place in Besiktas.

Allerdyce Disagrees with Branding Him an Everton Transfer Gamble

Following the statements by the Everton manager about his new player performance since after his transfer, many people erroneously started seeing football the same way as people who played lightning link pokies. They described the new man as an Everton transfer gamble, something the manager will never have. It was however, at the game against Burnley last week that the new Everton man got his first goal for the club since his transfer to Goodison Park. The Turkish man’s account opener came as a classy header in the first half. But the team did not live up to expectations in the second half, and were defeated again.

He tried to dispel the speculations that the transfer of Tosun to the Everton signifies a part of the clubs troubled transfer policy that has been on for some time now. He rose up in Tosun’s defense and explained the entire thing as excessive pressure on his new player since after his transfer. For Sam, Tosun is not an Everton transfer gamble because he is concentrating on his game. He is doing his best, while the players are learning that he will utilize the ball well when they give it to him in the box. His is not a transfer gamble because the team understands that he will utilize any good ball given to him in the area well.

But while acknowledging the great improvement of the new man by getting the goal, he also decried the fact that they couldn’t hold their own. For him, Tosun can capitalize on that and improve more as every new man does. That is why he is not an transfer gamble.


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