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Player Yerry Mina

Gym or bin?

  • Gym

    Votes: 30 65.2%
  • Bin

    Votes: 16 34.8%

  • Total voters

Mick Blue

Pervert disappointed by the cock size
I meant how did he fuck Mina’s recovery?

They stitched Yerald’s cock to his knee.

Didn’t even impact his running. That’s how long it is.


Relatively well read but a fucking moron
90 minutes would be nice, I expect Keane to take his place within an hour though. Never a captain


Mortgage Nonce/Football Dunce - U23s expert
Thought he was shocking to start with. He let the ball bounce a few times and lost the flight. Improved after the break and to be fair both he and Holgate did well. The goal was Gomes fault for losing his man - that cunt is useless.
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Mick Blue

Pervert disappointed by the cock size
Big, useless, injury prone, massive schlonged, piss taking bastard.

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