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Transfer talk

Kim Jong-un

TEF Member
Happens all the time. At that age he wasn't what we were looking for.

Mick Blue

Pervert & possible Love Islander
He’s dogshite and I don’t mean the rare white stuff either.


TEF Member
Not overly fussed on this one, Feels a little bit overhyped but then again Godfrey was barely spoken about when Norwich were in the Prem and he's turned out sound.


TEF Member
Never seen him play, but looks a bit of a midget to me. D Daz1


TEF Member
Would never happen at the mighty Liverpool Football Club though...

I'll never forget the time Chris Bascombe who wrote a dissertation on how much better Anthony Le Tallac was over Christiano Ronaldo and that he will surpass Ronaldo in every way.

All because he scored more in an youth competition


Formerly Just Mike & Micky
I'm not sure about Aarons myself, must admit.
I don't recall ever being overly impressed when they were on the box, I have to say. Then again I don't even remember Ben Godfrey really being a thing.

He'll obviously go to Bayern Munich if there's really anything in that but he's getting linked to quite a few clubs and probably will be for the next few months.


Love Islander
I think we could, and probably should, sign someone more polished than Aarons. An equivalent to Digne would obviously be the ideal scenario.

Aarons is rapid, which would be a big asset at right-back. It hurts us not having pace behind James when he plays off the right. That said, I’m just not sure Aarons’ has got the right quality in terms of his delivery and final ball.

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