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Transfer Rumours


TEF Member
Can only see Milik happening if Raiola gets Kean back to Juve. Struggling to see a RB happening at the minute and can’t think of anyone that comes to mind that we’d pursue. Hoping and Praying for a winger


TEF Member
Regarding Gibson, I think it was hinted on here at that the main reason he signed a new contract with us was because we guaranteed to loan him out for this season so he could be playing each week.


Milik missed a key sitter at Anfield that would've put them out of the Champions League at the group stage, the year they went on to win it.

He'll fit right in.


There's not much in the way of links to a pacey winger.

It could be that we sign a centre half, a right back and a centre forward - if Kean goes back to Italy.

I wouldn't mind us taking Hudson-Odoi on loan, if we're not loaning Tomori from Chelsea anymore.

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