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Player Theo Walcott

Gym or bin?

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    Votes: 3 6.3%
  • Bin

    Votes: 45 93.8%

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CDPA Panelist (like Rich)
It's not just his finishing though. I agree he can offer a threat and get into decent positions but, invariably, his final ball or attempt to finish is woeful. I've got nothing against him, but if he plays shit, like yesterday, I'll say it. Happy for him to be a member of the squad, but I would say he is one of our bigger problems along with CB and CM, because creating chances is an issue and he's a major factor in that.


Elite Member
I still fucking hate him. Over the last few years he has probably genuinely cost us about 30 odd goals with the wrong decision or scuffed shot.

It is genuinely a skill to pick the wrong option 99.99% of the time.

Oh and his hair is extremely shit and makes him look like a silly sausage.

Mick Blue

Pervert & possible Love Islander
The main reason I’d like to see him shifted (aside from his end product) is the fact he’s on over £100k per week. Between TW & Schneiderlin they’re taking home approx £250k per week between them that’s £13m pa on 2 players most will agree aren’t good enough to take us forward.

FWIW I don’t think TW is a bad lad, far from it but we really can’t afford to be paying huge wages to bit part players.


TEF Member
I think we’ll see the end of him come the summer with a new right winger coming in. Hopefully we can shift him on to someone like West Ham or even back to Southampton.


TEF Member
All good points, forgot about his wages to be honest. If we can get a good fee for him and replace him with a high quality wide player then I don't think anyone would complain. That being said I think there are other players that need shifting first. I'd be surprised if we were able to shift all the deadwood in one window, probably going to take a few. as I said I wouldn't be disappointed if he was still in the squad next season as long as he's a bench player.


Formerly Just Mike & Micky
I think he's shite, but he is rapid. Will we miss him though?
I never thought I'd say it but I might miss him if the manager persists with Coleman / Sidibe...

I reckon we're gonna go a defensive 4-5-1 against Arsenal and Chelsea anyway, same as we did against Man City.


Mortgage Nonce/Football Dunce
I never thought I'd say it but I might miss him if the manager persists with Coleman / Sidibe...

I reckon we're gonna go a defensive 4-5-1 against Arsenal and Chelsea anyway, same as we did against Man City.
It won’t work - it never does.


TEF Member
He did really well for the 1st goal. I think he does offer us something different to the other wingers as he's a bit more direct and like hugging the touchline rather than cutting inside.

The three options available to Carlo whilst his out are Sidibe, Iwobi or Kean.

I think Iwobi would be the best option as going with Kean would mean shifting Rich out wide ride.
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Formerly Just Mike & Micky
It won’t work - it never does.
I agree and I wouldn't do it but I think that's how Ancelotti will go.

We will probably get tonked with how I would want to line up to be fair but maybe the reason we've only got 1 win at the big boys for the last 15 years or so is because we always go too defensive...

Hull Toffee

TEF Member
Can't find any updates regards the severity of Walcott's injury... Been a week since he was said to be undergoing a scan.
Anyone heard any 'snippets' of news?

Think the upcoming game against Arsenal is one he could go well in if he was available.



Probably be out for a few weeks after that injury which forced him off against Palace.

Typical really. Scores that goal against Watford, gives him a lift in the next game. Goes off injured.


TEF Member
I quite like Sidibe and Coleman had a decent game against Palace but fuck me that right side of those two is aids.

What else can we do? Richarlison out there? Kean?

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