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Football The Redshite Thread


Pyar sauced
I’m going to say now that even when I’ve met a ‘sound’ Kopite, they usually spoil it with some snide comment at some point.

You don’t get that with United and City fans, even when City were shit.

Considering they don’t care about us, the moment we have any sort of run of form or doing anything notable, they can’t handle it.

If they win the league this year it will be because other sides bottle it or haven’t strengthened properly.

Hugo's left kidney

Not a corrupt CDPA panelist
5th July 2020, they beat Aston Villa 2-0 in a nothing game, a 4.30 kick off.

The timing of the tweet is late into this game and I remember the match, they laboured to the win late on.

I initially thoguht this might be some sort of comment to Martin Atkinson, but the referee was Paul Tierney.

So it must be Martin Tyler. Presumably some sort of angry tweet aimed at him because, despite him slagging them off for the whole game (lol) they went in front against relegation fodder at home.

Staggering any Liverpool fan would dislike him the continual rimming he gives them.
Top detective work, Sherlock.


I see Neco Williams has gone off social media due to abuse received because he apparently had a poor game last night.

We're hardly ones to talk, having done it with Davies, but you expect better from the #bestfansintheworld.


Formerly Just Mike & Micky
Meh. Just highlights the rest of the dickheads for me. The sooner Klopp goes the better.


TEF Member
Thiago injured....we’ll be hearing that a lot this year.

In the long term, he’ll prove to be just as much of a waste of money as Keita has. The hype train for both was ridiculous.

He’s just a nice and tidy, easy on the eye player who’s always injured and doesn’t hurt you when he does get out on the pitch.

The Spanish Joe Allan / Steven Davis delete as applicable. There’s loads of them about who’d look just as good sitting there, passing it sideways and backwards in Bayern’s midfield.

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