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Football The Redshite Thread


Formerly Just Mike & Micky
Hahaha - he's even fucking lying in his pathetic justification, as if we can't fucking see what he himself tweeted. He's an absolutely warped individual him.

Following a brief exchange, Aldridge tweeted: “Little poshy are we? Ive good EFC mates there that want your address. What is it?"

“It wasn’t a threat at all if you read what it says. ... You don’t know his address for one. It was just basically to (say) I have got lots of Everton friends, it’s a great club Everton and he (the troll) is just one of a bad bunch. Every club has them unfortunately and I responded to him."

Anichebe's gooch

TEF Member
How old is Aldridge now? Must be in his sixties and he's offering straighteners to every man and his dog over what seems to be fuck all in most cases. He seriously needs to grow up FFS.


What's this shite I keep seeing on twitter with some twat and a guitar doing their songs in a little gig. Do they do this before their games?

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