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Match Thread The Cup Final


Mortgage Nonce/Football Dunce
Agree, plus city are hoovering up trophies and rather than us focussing on them catching us we are hung up about their Twitter account.
Who gives a fuck about a twitter account?
I can’t stand the shite and that’s it. There’s no reason for me to dislike other clubs?

Kim Jong-un

TEF Member
Saw that yesterday. Embarrassing enough on it's own but having it ready to go at full time is something else.

Still, at least the work experience kid got to spend all week sat at a computer colouring in fans of another club.

Anichebe's gooch

TEF Member
The hysterical element and permanently offended nature has truly engulfed top flight football. Everyone is a shit cheat. You can be lambasted for a tweet you did when you were 12. It's pathetic.

I went to a few non league games this season, it was like going back 25 years when football had a hardness to it and I don't think any cunt from Ohio or Bangladesh tweeted about their outrage after the game and I didn't see one selfie stick.
Bang on. Most of following football these days is just reading bollocks about claim, counter claim, outrage, faux outrage, and a lot of whatabouttery. It's fucking exhausting and to be honest, I couldn't give a donkey's dick about most of it.

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