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Football Summer Transfer Window 2020 (non-Everton)


Juventus are getting Morata on loan to make room for Saurez by the sounds of it.

I'm not sure if the current version of Suarez is better than Morata.


Love Islander

Can’t believe Sky had the cheek to try and maintain the position by slightly watering down the claim. Just say, you got it wrong FFS


TEF Member
What is that? Two guys he's had to beg not to leave now after pissing them off coming in and telling them they're not good enough and their free rides are over? Suarez should force the move, sit out if he has to.


TEF Member
Koeman’s doing exactly what he was brought in to do imo; clear the decks so whoever takes over next summer doesn’t have to deal with binning any big names & having to deal with any fall out if they don’t need to.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Koeman already knows full well that he’ll be there for this season at most.

Romeo Sensini

TEF Member
I know Barca like their full backs up the pitch but is Semedo a wing back? Doherty in his first game against us proved that wing back and orthodox full back are chalk and cheese, thought it was odd Spurs wanted him. Would make it even more baffling if wolves replace him with a square peg.

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