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Sport Snooker


@Rich can you put that quote under my name please
Barry playing absolute fucking shite, naturally.

That'll teach me for backing a fella who keeps biscuits in the fridge.
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Love Islander
17 out of the last 22 posts are yours MLWEFC @MLWEFC

I don’t think ITV4 is drawing much of a crowd for their snooker ‘tournaments’


@Rich can you put that quote under my name please
I think people generally only care about the worlds but Trump and Robertson have been playing some incredible stuff lately and I'm glad I've seen (most of) it.


Resident queer
Absolute scenes in this final here, Robertson’s arse has well and truly gone here when he only needs one frame to win it
Hope he loses as he comes across as a proper prick


@Rich can you put that quote under my name please
I see Robertson got the job done in the end, a lot closer than it could have been though.

Fella is in some form.


Horny for Jon
Strange atmosphere at the snooker.

Sounds like two fellas trying to do chants.
It's been weird as fuck, helps you understand Brexit listening to the absolute thundermongs in the crowd. Was watching it the other day and someone was on the green, some tit in the ground screams ''GREEN ARRRRMY'', bit of laughter, silence, then another tit goes ''GREEEEEEEN ARRRMMMY'' when he's on the red. Then another soft cunt does it after him. Had to turn it off, spent the entire frame wishing the roof would collapse on the arena

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