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Sport Snooker


Resident queer
Trump v Higgins would be a great final
Two completely opposite types of players, be interesting to see what style comes out on top


@Rich can you put that quote under my name please
I was surprised to see Trump as favourite. Perhaps the bookies are thinking Higgins having 2 very tough battles has taken things out of him.

Higgins all the way for me.


CDPA Panelist (like jon)
Trump’s in his stride now.

Higgins needs to stem the tide with this next frame.


The artist once known as Skank_Whore
Trump looking really good, Higgins some how need to win the last two frames, or its as good as over.


Resident queer
Trump playing very well here
Wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if Higgins came back and won it though


TEF Member
Some outrageous snooker from trump, not a fan of the exhibition show off stuff this early in a final. Especially against someone like Higgins who can easily catch you up and grind it out.

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