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Sport Snooker


Elite Member
Yeah, i'm not a huge fan of snooker apart from the UK and the World Championship but the Bank Holiday second day final is a tradition of getting pissed all day with my Dad pretending to be snooker experts.


TEF Member
I think he'll win it. He's got a relatively easy passage through to the final after most of the big names in that half of the draw went out. I think he'd play Walden or White in the semis if he got that far and I can't see neither beating Ding. The rest of the big names are in the other half, Ronnie, Trump and Murphy.


TEF Member
He might get through to the final then but I see him making too many errors (not in those last few frames then) against the better players.

Edit- Better players than King, I mean.


Global Moderator
Haha see Ronnie then. The guy is just a freak of nature, he's going to piss this tournament if he carries on like that and he's only on his 'C' game right now.


Resident queer
What happened today lids?
been in work all day since half 11 and just got in so missed all the action from today


TEF Member
Judd Trump is having an absolute shocker against Murphy. 5-1 down with a pot percentage of 40%. That's worse than an amateur.


TEF Member
Shocking by Murphy wasn't it? In complete control of the frame to go 6-1 up then fuck it up like that. This is a terrible match so far considering they're both in the top 4 in the world.


TEF Member

The greatest ever for me. If he'd shown the same dedication to Snooker that Hendry and Davis did then I have no doubt he'd have won more World Championships than them.

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