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Player Seamus Coleman

Gym or bin?

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Now he has settled into the squad, is it time to give him a run at Right Back?

He did well in his first season in Right Midfield, but last season he was out of sorts. I think coming from deep he always looks dangerous. I think he has come predictable in RM and probably isnt as suited as he could have been.


He's shite and nowhere near defensively good enough to play RB.

Aside from the form he showed when he first burst onto the seen and nobody knew him, i think he's been garbage


No sell him, he is useless and has a footballing brain of a slug. Goes down more blind alleys than Stevie Wonder


TEF Member
When he first broke into the team I thought we might have had a star on our hands, but he's gone down hill pretty quickly, and doesn't seem to be a right winger or right back.

He's still only 23, but even as a sub he doesn't offer much anymore. I'd try and move him on for a few million.

Of the three players that can play right back at the club, he comes last behind Hibbert and Neville IMO, not exactly the stiffest of competition.


TEF Member
I'd give Coleman a go at right back.

He had a poor game in Europe about two years ago but that doesn't mean he shouldn't play in defence ever again. He's not going to make it as a midfielder and it's not like Neville and Hibbert are world beaters.

Even if he takes time to adjust positionally, Everton always play with two holding midfielders and no out and out right winger, so it would hardly leave the defence exposed.


Betting Mod
He was excellent 2 years ago but was absolutely terrible last season.Maybe he was found out as he does not have much of a football brain and just relys on raw speed to take a man on.I think it might be a small bit soon to be totally writing him off though as i think the ligament damage that he suffered in pre season had a big impact on his performance last year.He seemed to be carrying the injury all season and was rushed back too early as he got injured straight away again on two occasions.Right midfield is definitely a position that needs to be looked at but he is a decent option off the bench if he can return to his form that he showed 2 years ago.I don't think he will ever make it as a defender though as his positional sense is just not good enough and it is a part of his game that he really needs to work on.


TEF Member
It's a shame we have three right backs, and not one of them is good enough to be a consistent first choice.


TEF Member
I think he'll be a fairly solid RW in the future, but right now he doesn't appear to have the set of skills it takes to play as a regular top flight defender.


TEF Member
We need to do something with him, he needs to be molded into a RB now because he is fucking useless at RM, defenders have got him completely sussed and he has ran out of ideas.


TEF Member


TEF Member
I think in his first season, when he broke through, he was good enough.

Last season he was carrying injury after injury, its like people writing off Rodwell. I would hope when he gets a run of games he would be better.

Still an option for RM but whenever I've seen him at RB I haven't been impressed.


TEF Member
He is good enough . Hes had one season where he didnt do the business mainly due to injury and lack of a run in the team . It doesnt make him shite all of a sudden .
Watch this space .


Everton Only Mod
He was poor last season but did pick up a few injuries. But i'm not going to write him off just yet, he was very good in his first 2 seasons for us. Hopefully with a full pre-season behind him he can come good.


TEF Member
He's a better overlapping wing full back than he is right midfielder.

He just needs to work on his defensive duties.

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