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On Loan Sandro Ramirez - loaned to Real Valladolid


TEF Member
Mad that a lot of people (myself included) thought it was worth the gamble at the price we got him for (think it was 5 mill). A lot said "if it doesn't work at least we will get our money back".

Be lucky to get anything for him. Would be interesting to see if Ancelotti would like to look at players like him before trying to ship him off.


CDPA Panelist & data nonce
Saw him play, and score I think, in the pre-season friendly against some Spanish side ( Sevilla ? ) and convinced myself we'd made a shrewd acquisition.

Ah well, only 12 months to go, and despite the money he's made, I can't help but feel sorry for the bloke. He'd likely have been much happier staying with Malaga.

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