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Player Richarlison

Gym or bin?

  • Gym

    Votes: 50 90.9%
  • Bin

    Votes: 5 9.1%

  • Total voters

Mick Blue

Pervert disappointed by the cock size
Hahahahahaha boss


TEF Member
The fewwwmmm. Total gobshite move by the Brazilian FA but
The Simpsons GIF by MOODMAN


People aren't going to care about the how and why, they just read the tweet and fume. Equally we'd be fuming had he picked up an injury in the Olympics.

Hopefully Richarlison has had a little rest over the last week and vaped his head off.


TEF Member
It's fucking laughable really. The redshite really need to give their head a wobble.

Richarlison has had fuck all time off so the first chance he has to put his feet up we take it. He stood up to be counted for his country, they went on holiday.

It's not our fault they forgot to read the small print is it?


No idea what he's saying but seems to be having a good laugh at the shoes on Allan, on his Instagram story.


Pyar sauced
I still thought he was great today; was it right for him to go up against Mee and Tarkowski? Probably not but he worked so hard like he always does.
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