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Rumour Reinier Jesus - IT’S ON! (January 2020)


TEF Member


Maybe I'm wrong but in my opinion, we're not dropping £40m on an unknown kid like we're not dropping £80m on Zaha.


Love Island apostate
It's not the first south american we've been linked with out of the blue.

I wonder if Marco just has a thing for them and keeps his eye on it, he's certainly paid a lot of money for Richarlison.


TEF Member
I can see him getting bought for a low fee and loaned back to them to get minutes/a work permit.

Assuming we're in for him, that is.


For all those questioning work permits, I recall seeing Watford have a deal in place for a random 17 year old Brazilian stirker (Joao Pedro) who can't join them until January 2020. I think they're paying about €20m for him.

Joao Pedro to Watford


TEF Member
We're willing to pay 40 for a player who hasn't even played for flamengo's first team? He's still playing for the under 20's so this is either a big bag of bullshit or he really is an outstanding talent which begs the question why he's not already in the first team squad?

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