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One of each


The Forum Hypocrite
You can have One defender, One midfielder, One striker from any PL Club. Who would you have? They cant play at the same time so effectively you take our 11 and add a single player at a time. You get them at the top of their game

Defender- Van Dijk for obvious reasons

Midfielder- Pogba. When at his best hes got the mobility and craft we need. De Bruyne is the obvious shout but we need someone who can do everything IMO.

Attacker- Aguero because we just need someone who will take chances. Forget all round game.


I'll do a semi-realistic trio as well.

Lascelles, Grealish, Jiminez

And if those aren't attainable Mings, Doucoure and Callum Wilson would do.


TEF Member
Refuse to want a disease riddled Kopite cunt in an Everton shirt, even in fantasy world.

Defence: Soyuncu
Midfield: De Bruyne
Forward: Kane

More realistic:
Defence: Diop
Midfield: Doucoure
Forward: Jimenez


Mortgage Nonce/Football Dunce
Realistically we could have Lascelles, Doucoure and Jiminez

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