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Rumour Nuno Espirito Santo


  • Yay

    Votes: 19 28.4%
  • Nu(no)

    Votes: 48 71.6%

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Mick Blue

Pervert & possible Love Islander
Judge him on the performance he gets out of the team, let’s hope he surprises a lot of us.

100% mate. Can’t help but feel a little disappointed but he’ll get a fair crack.


Formerly Just Mike & Micky
Was just wondering what I was gonna watch now the sport is over.

Looks like it's gonna be Evertonian heads falling off.
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Mick Blue

Pervert & possible Love Islander
100% mate. Can’t help but feel a little disappointed but he’ll get a fair crack.

By fair crack I mean 2 games to impress before I pull the big boooooooooooooos out.


TEF Member
100% mate. Can’t help but feel a little disappointed but he’ll get a fair crack.
Not from everyone, the same people will have their opinion pre-formed and won’t budge from that no matter what.

We need stability now more than ever, let’s hope he brings it for us with hopefully a Europe and a trophy!


Global Moderator
Totally not arsed about Nuno.

Just perusing Wikipedia.

Got Valencia finishing higher than they did the previous season and then they finished lower after they sacked him but that was thanks to Gary Neville.
He resigned 10 months after signing a new 3 year contract after a poor start after spending €130m on new players.

Then 1 season at Porto, of a 2 year deal.
Got them finishing 2nd, worse cup run, further in Champions League. Sacked then the next manager won them the league, got them to the semis of both domestic cups and same Champions League finish.

Boring as fuck uninspired football with Wolves in the Premier League. Let go.

Resigned or been let go from his last 3 jobs. Has won nothing of note.

If we hired him he could be quite easily gone within 2 seasons.
I don’t see it with him.

Nuno left Valencia 11 months after signing a new 3 year contract and a couple of months after spending €130m.

Porto sacked him a year into a 2 year deal.

He’s left Wolves 9 months after signing a new 2.5 year deal.
I wasn’t even aware that he had signed that new deal at Wolves. I though his contract ended and there was a mutual parting of the ways.
That Nelson Semedo, his no.1 target last summer for £30m+ was total and utter fucking garbage.

He’s got a great fucking agent. That’s the best you can say.

What I said before. Can’t be bothered to repeat myself.
But left his last 3 jobs early, boring uninspired football.

We’ll see. Hope I’m wrong, I thought Lingard was total shite.
I just hope this is Brands decision rather than Moshiri/agents in Moshiri’s ear.

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