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Player Niels Nkounkou


Global Moderator
He's looked decent so far. Id be worried he could get ripped apart in a couple of Premier League matches.
Needs more games, is a good thing he can step in against Newcastle.


TEF Member
We saw the defensive side of his game against West Ham and he stood up to it very well.

At the same time if he has to come in for a game, I am glad it's someone like Newcastle rather than say a Liverpool or Chelsea.


Formerly Just Mike & Micky
He should've started left wing on Sunday.

We've all seen enough of the Iwobis and Sigurdssons. Whilst the team is doing well, the odd young lad should be brought in to see if they're a player or not. If later in the season we have an assemblage of injuries / suspensions then by all means bring in the losers but fuck them off for the time being, they are shit cunts.


Love Islander
Looking forward to seeing more of him at LB. He just wouldn’t fit the system playing as a left winger for us. Our LW is basically our second striker. I think the closest we have to that behind Richarlison is Gordon, but even he isn’t really that kind of player.

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