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Player Morgan Schneiderlin

Gym or bin?

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    Votes: 11 45.8%
  • Bin

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I cannot believe united haven't played him - he's got it all. Tackles, can pass and scores! Loved the way he chased some of those balls. Him and Gueye could be sensational in the middle.
Get this done quickly

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Think he'll be a great signing; seems to have a good all-round game.

Is the "fairly nailed on" from press reports or info snoopjiggyjigg @snoopjiggyjigg ?


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From Koeman having managed him before, and publicly stating we need players I'd like to think we already have a bid on the table for the lad. Imagine we announced a signing on 1st January, how un-Everton would that be?

He'd be a fantastic signing.


TEF Member
Would be a terrific signing. Was excellent at Southampton under Koeman, and definitely fits a big hole in our starting XI. Really like the idea of Schneiderlin and Gueye in the centre of our midfield, think it would be a brilliant combination.


This really should be a no brainer.

We've got the money.

The manager knows the player, the player knows the manager and what he expects.

Given the issue we have with no McCarthy and no Gana in January we need to get it done asap.


TEF Member
Really hope we get this done as soon as the window is open, sooner we get him in the better, will certainly improve our midfield.
Think he'll be a great signing; seems to have a good all-round game.

Is the "fairly nailed on" from press reports or info snoopjiggyjigg @snoopjiggyjigg ?
It's not from any info I've had, but certainly well connected people to United plus the press reports make this seem like a highly likely transfer. Especially as he is definitely leaving in Jan!
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When koeman said he would like memphis , he apparently got a bollocking off jose for publicly talking about a united player.

Yesterday when asked about schneiderlin, koeman said he wont talk about other teams players.

Anyway, he's off to west brom for 18 million.

Even though west brom have said they offered 13 million for him .


Probably a Love Islander
Really good tackler and gets attacks started for the team. If we can add some quality further forward to feed Lukaku as well as this we would look a million times better.


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Shez , turn it in, you chat shit lad.

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