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Management Marcel Brands

Marcel Brands

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Neil A

Our man in Spain
The report in the dutch newspaper which broke the story wrote that Walsh doesn't provide any strategy or direction and is more of a scout...


TEF Member
Positive step this one, will probably mean Walsh takes a sideways step or will be moved completely and with Aki saying Bill will be gone by end of March, we could go into the summer window with a completely different board/management structure in place.


TEF Member
For a club that never had a DoF setup previously, and then to appoint a scout as the new DoF was mad from the start.

Hopefully this fella takes over the running of the football side of the club if he comes in.


TEF Member
Moshiri will get it right here. He is already in too deep financially not to.

He has been badly advised with some of his appointments and has probably been a little naive. But men that successful will learn very quickly.

Walsh has frittered his money away on some absolute shite. It wont be lost on him. I'm sure he is also as disastified as us with how shit Allardyce is doing, whether he says it publicly or not.

A new DOF in any form is the end of Walsh. Hopefully the guy we bring in knows what he is doing - starting with the correct advise re new managerial appointment.
Sounds like Walsh will just head up the scouting, which is how it should have been anyway.

This chap will probably deal with player negotiations, style of play, manager negotiations etc....

Wise move if it comes off

Thuck ma Baws

TEF Member
More middle men with their own ideas. Just what we need right now.


DOF should be the main man, not a middle man. The problem with our current incumbent is that he can't assert himself over the manager so we ended up with signings like Martina, Klaasen and Stekelenberg who all knew the previous manager personally and the current manager openly taking the piss and laughing at him at the AGM.

We need a proper DOF if we're going down that route who can have influence over the whole club and can garner the respect of the manager, whoever that is. Shouldn't be hard when it's Allardyce but needs to be the same if it's Koeman, Silva, Simeone, Mourinho or whoever.

I wouldn't be too worried if Walsh was given a director of scouting role or similar but he and the manager and the whole coaching staff need to report in to the DOF and act on his instructions.


I'm really not sold on the DofF model, but it seems Moshiri wants somebody to run the football club seeing as he's got no experience and Bill, well, he's Bill and hopefully he's off.

We all know Steve Walsh has been absolutely pathetic in the job, so an experienced DofF would be order of the day.

However the only thing is, some managers, especially British ones aren't used to, so don't really want a Director of Football.

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