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Football Managers under Pressure


TEF Member
Dear Lord,

As it's your time of year; please, please, please could you please find it in your heart to have David William Moyes find employment at West Ham United, should San Pellegrino lose his job.

All my love forever and ever amen,


(PS - Fuken nice swan for Carlo Magnifico!)


Formerly Just Mike & Micky
The pressure is seriously mounting on Eddie Howe, isn't it.

Maybe I'm being naive but I cant see them sacking him.


Global Moderator
They’ve been on a horrendous run apart from beating Man U and Chelsea, funny enough. 3 wins since beating us in September.
Today was the start of a run of games where they need to get 3 points from. They’re gonna be in big trouble if they don’t start winning soon as their fixtures from end of February onwards are shite.


The fact they have this run of winnable games screams make a change.

The timing is more or less perfect and they can't go wasting it.

However I feel like they're just happy to be up and are enjoying the ride. I've said it before but it's the ultimate no pressure club environment.


Apparently Roy Hodgson has been backed into as short as even money (from 33/1+) to be the next to go.

Supposedly unhappy with the lack of business in January and it's all going stale (1 win in 11).


Global Moderator
Palace were doing ok/well for a while.
A couple of bad results and you can drop like a stone.

If they have no money to spend they might as well just sell Zaha for as much as they can get and reinvest.
I can see why they wanted to keep him as past form meant he was the difference between staying up or going down.
It’s too much relying on one player though and he’s done fuck all this season. (Cue Zaha hat-trick against us next)


Formerly Just Mike & Micky
I guessed in the Summer he wouldn't last the season but up until recently they were actually doing alright. Like Mourinho, he rarely has lasted more than 3 years at a club.


Mortgage Nonce/Football Dunce
He’s in his 70’s. There comes a time when he should retire. He did what was needed a few years back and his contract must be up soon. They are not going down so I hope he stays till the end of season and retires.


Love Islander
He’s not got a contract for next season yet. This time last year he had already extended. Maybe he’s about to announce that this will be his last season.

Statue of Dixie

Blue Steel
Moyes will probably end up there next season after the dildo brothers panic about West Ham's possible relegation and sack him, again, within the next couple of months


Formerly Just Mike & Micky
I'd be worried as a Palace fan watching that like. We were not at it and scored 3, probably should've been 4.

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