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Football Managers under Pressure


Mark Noble and Joe Cole were talking about top 4 before we beat them, weren't they?
In my opinion, Fabianski is such a huge loss for them. The new guy they've put in doesn't seem to be on the same level and you wonder if defenders have the same confidence.

Overall though, it's a bit of a funny league table at the moment, probably because only 2,3,4 teams can be relied upon to win most games. Accordingly, it's a bit of a muddle and it feels like anybody could go and win 3 in a row and suddenly find themselves sitting pretty.

That's why that Brighton result, and the manner of it, was a twat for us.


Got to be Hassenhuttl. Southampton are absolutely terrible.
They're following a familiar pattern we've seen over the years that generally sees teams eventually get relegated, whereby they fire a manager what seems every other year in October-December.

Swansea and Sunderland did it and it eventually took them down.


Formerly Just Mike & Micky
Emery won’t get sacked in the break but Arsenal is definitely the next big job available

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