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Football Managers under Pressure


Mortgage Nonce/Football Dunce. Reality TV overlord
Rumoured to be a financial thing but fuck knows. It's a strange time to let go of a manager.

Yep - looks like they are in deep shit like Bury and Bolton. This is going to happen more often in the coming months/years.
There’s still a vacancy at Sheffield Weds and he did a decent job the keep Macclesfield up.


TEF Member
There’ve been stories going round for a while now that the players haven’t been getting paid, so probably down to that.


Pyar sauced
SOME Players haven’t been paid at Macc for 5 months, but Sol was definitely getting paid. Macc seem to have a habit of being in trouble then magically finding money, they’ve had about 8 winding up orders in 3 years.

Told by Shaun Goater today (one of his coaching staff) that it’s definitely more ‘mutual’ on Campbell’s part and he expects to be in another job soon.


TEF Member
Imagine being one of the dozen or so players Huddersfield brought in this window only for the manager who wanted you to be jibbed a few weeks into the season.


Never wrong
We will always have that toe curling moment when Sky approached a complete stranger during a match, live on TV.


TEF Member
Weird AF that one, like.

He's an intelligent bloke, but the pace the game moves at now means the player-manager role is long dead.

Can you imagine trying to suss the opposition out on the pitch, get your tactics sorted and across to the team and watch your striker(s) all in the opening 5-10 mins of the game? Appreciate he's played at an elite level, but that just can't be done in the modern game. Even in a lesser league.

Your head would be battered with it all.


TEF Member
I'd say the only time the Player Manager role has ever worked in this country is 86 with Dog Leash and even then it was because he had the fabled "Boot Room" behind him with an established squad and he was merely a figurehead really.


Never wrong
Doesn't surprise me if something is wrong behind closed doors, they've been absolutely shite in the first 3 games.

Would be a mega shock if he was the 1st to go though.


Love Islander
They backed him heavily in the transfer market. He seemed tempted to walk away in the summer, maybe feeling that with a few refusing to sign new deals (Eriksson, Vertonghen and Alderweireld) they'd gone as far as possible. But he did stick around, and certainly got some good players in.

If there's any truth that he's going to walk, I'd love to know what's gone on behind the scenes.

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