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Football Managers under Pressure


Tony Pulis sacked by Boro :D
Bit pedantic of me, but wasn't it the case they just decided not to give him a new contract at the end of his existing deal?

Not that surprised he's gone either way, they should have been up there for automatic promotion but he's just so drab and unispiring up top and it cost them.

I'd like to think we're moving towards an age where the like of him and Allardyce won't continually get jobs because they're a 'safe pair of hands'. Nearly everybody wants to watch exciting football.

If you believe the bookies, Boro are now turning to homegrown former Real Madrid legend Jonathan Woodgate to replace him.
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I'm made up for Sarri. Europa League winners, 3rd place finish and a cup final loss on pens to one the best sides this country has seen and he has been treated like shite.

He now looks like becoming the manager of the biggest side in his homeland and managing Ronaldo.


Wonder if it’ll be Lampard. Can see that ending in tears.
Lampard is 1/20 to get the Chelsea job.

I think Lampard comes across as a decent bloke, but I know Chelsea fans who thought Sarri wasn't good enough, so how is a man who managed a 6th place finish in the Championship in his 1 season or management?

Obviously his playing career carries favour with the Chelsea fans but surely not enough. They expect to be challenging for the Premier League for goodness sake!


Formerly Just Mike & Micky
I reckon Lampard will get the same sort of bounce that OGS did at United (although not to the same extent, perhaps). One of the boys back in the dressing room, everyone happy. Then cracks will start to appear.

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