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Football Managers under Pressure


Global Moderator
Manuel Pellegrini - Man City awful in Europe. The owners won't be happy after spending over a billion pounds and they're going backwards in Europe. Success in the Premier league wasnt enough to keep Mancini safe.

Lambert - Villa have scored 2 goals since August and have lost 6 games in a row since Lambert signed his new contract. They need to start winning soon new contract or not.

- A shadow of the side that blew away teams last season. Looks like they were more of a one man team than Brendan knew or was letting on. Being found out this season. Playing Champions league games for damage limitation purposes and the knives will be out if they dont get a result against Chelsea this weekend. Chances are they'll just throw another £30m to spend during the next transfer window but they couldnt get the 'big' players in during the Summer and they'll not get any in the next window.

Bound to be a couple of chairmen getting itchy trigger fingers at this stage...



Never wrong
I have no idea how Lambert has kept his job this long.

Liverpool will beat Chelsea at the weekend and Rodgers will start eating himself even more.


TEF Member
I can't see Pottechino lasting much longer if they continue to drop points at Spurs.

He (Levy) surely has to give one manager a bit of time?

Pochettino hasn't even got his own players in, he wanted a season to see where needed fixing (everywhere it seems).

Their defence is shite and overrated.

Naughton/Dier (not Europa league, never mind Prem)
Kaboul (comedy show)
Vertonghen/Circhles (good on their day, but partial to awful games)
Rose (overrated shite)

They've got loads of midfield options but none seem to build a partnership. I rate that Mason though.

Strikers are a joke, Adebayor only plays if he wants a contract, Soldado has just been a disaster. The honeymoon will run out for Kane, he's not a top 4 striker.

Crafty II

The Chief Whip
I agree. I think Levy really has to stick with someone in the long term. Spurs are pretty much a disaster of a team with their player turnover and lack of quality.

They don't seem to have any long term plans at all.


Global Moderator
None of the managers mentioned here done themselves any favours at the weekend. You could probably now add Wenger to the list now.

Most teams seem to have forgotten how to defend or hold onto a lead.
Here's Arsenal 1-0 up with 15 minutes to go with 8 players caught ahead of the ball. I didnt see the Anderlecht game but they were supposed to be as kamikaze:


And here's Liverpool for Chelseas first. Looks like Skrtel and Lovren on the far left marking each other with 4 Chelsea players given free rein:
The problem with Spurs is Levy. He is poor at choosing managers!
I thought Pochettino was a great appointment, needs time desperately though. If he has a poor whole season I could see him getting the chop when they really need to just give someone time.
I'm not saying he won't prove to be a good manager at Spurs. But when you have some of the shockers that he has picked and have gone through so many managers without success then you are clearly not doing the right things from a footballing perspective.


Mortgage Nonce/Football Dunce. Reality TV overlord
He sacked the best manager they have had in recent years after they finished 4th twice. Spurs fans hate him.


TEF Member
Baldini is becoming the scapegoat now I think and he has overseen £200m worth of signings, most of which haven't worked out

Comicbook Guy

Lambert will not get sacked yet. Randy Lerner does not give a shit about Villa and just wants out. That club has been up for sale over 2 years and they have not had a nibble (sound familiar?, though there are plenty on here who would tell you that any club for sale gets snapped up)


Part-time Love Islander
Surprisingly early shouts are its Between mackay & jewell for wigan I think .. People inside pushing mackay , whelan likes jewell
I expect more things to come out about McKay in the next few days! [alcaraz]

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