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Player Lucas 'Le Gourmand' Digne

Gym or bin?

  • Gym

    Votes: 36 94.7%
  • Bin

    Votes: 2 5.3%

  • Total voters


CDPA Panelist (like jon) Sad panda
Did alright yesterday, but does anyone else think he seemed to be half a yard slower?


Formerly Just Mike & Micky
His ankle was in bits 2 months ago, it'll be a while longer before he's back to his best. Outrageous that he’s topping charts like that.


Formerly Just Mike & Micky
Again, his ankle was in bits 2 months ago. He's missed a large portion of the season and he's got more assists than any other defender in the league.



Love Islander
Love him. Watching on MOTD again this morning, he's proper switched on all the time. Even before Richarlison's passed it to Gomes he can see an opportunity, space to attack, and fucking bombs it up the line getting away from Raphinha.


Doom-monger, bore and Wayne Lineker fan
We need to get him to sign his contract ASAP

Mick Blue

Pervert & possible Love Islander

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