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Player Lucas 'Le Gourmand' Digne

Gym or bin?

  • Gym

    Votes: 36 92.3%
  • Bin

    Votes: 3 7.7%

  • Total voters


Never wrong
Can't ever remember watching him play but he has a very impressive CV for someone who is only 24.


Partly Scottish
Given Joyce said Tierney was our number 1 target I’d say we’re trying to put the shits up Celtic.

Having never seen anything of note of either of them I just hope we get whichever one is the best leftback.


Love Islander
Digne has looked very good on the few times I’ve seen him. Can’t knock his CV either.
£100m is probably his release claise


I think Mina is the more likely as Barcelona have signed a replacement and they need rid of a non-EU player, however Digne hasn't really had the playing time he probably wants so could also he off.


TEF Member
What I like about this one is we’ve clearly identified a list of suitable targets and we’re working our way down it we can’t agree an acceptable deal with the other club. It’s refreshing and a stark contrast to last season:

Everton: “We’d like to buy unnamed player unnamed player for a few of around £23 million pounds”

Swansea: “We’d want 35 million for him”

Everton: “Will £25 million suffice?”

Swansea: “We’ve decided because he’s our most important player we’re not prepared to sell for anything less than £50 million pounds”

Everton: “Okay, what about £30 million”

Swansea: “No, £50 million is the price”

Everton: “£35 million?”

Swansea: “No”

*6 weeks later*

Everton: “Okay what about £45 million?”

Swansea: “Hahahaha yeah, go on”

A terrible deal for both parties that actually ended up worse for them, we only lost a wedge of cash - they had no time to reinvest in their squad and lost their Premier League status.

Neil A

Our man in Spain
He's been at Barca since then and Wiki says he's played 30+ games but I don't really watch Spanish footy so wouldn't know if he was any better.

He is OK, but never started consistently and has one if the best left backs in the world ahead of him so never going to get a long run of games

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