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Player Jordan Pickford

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Davo said to me a month or so ago that we want to sign Jordan Pickford. I doubted it as Koeman likes tall players.

Now Elton Welsby (remember him?) replied to a tweet of ours and has said the same thing. Not sure if he still has contacts within the club or the media - but i'd imagine after all them years that he does.

View: https://twitter.com/WelsbyElton/status/803308570964017152


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I've been banging the Pickford drum for a whilst.....he's my first choice, most realistic signing, I'd like to see us make this January.

The new modern type of cat that academies are trying to produce, fast and nimble with outstanding distribution. I'd love him here.


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Roger Welsby!! Used to present Granada reports. Looking old as well.
Pickford would be a superb signing - he's the best young keeper around. Do it Ronald!!!

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My only concern is that he is only 6ft. Other than that he is brilliant.

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My only concern is that we haven't dropped a point this season because of our keeper play.

Are you having a laugh mate, if this is sarcastic then I've jumped right in but you never know these days.

For simplicity I'll say Burnley as Stevie Wonder can see he cost us that day.

To expand on how many he's cost us I'll mention City and Southampton, possibly his 2 best games of the season and both games were his inability to leave his line and gather crosses delivered into his 6 yard box cost us points.

This fellas a shocking keeper. A decent shot stopper but don't let that fool you as there's much more to the game than that. He's got absolutely no aggression, communication or distribution skills and his commanding of his box is beyond the joke.

I thought he may be a decent no 2 when we got him and wrote so on here however I don't think he's as good as Robles now I've seen more of him.


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Another keeper who'd be a good signing for us is Chris Maxwell at Preston. He's a very aggressive up and coming keeper who has a lot of Jordan Pickford's attributes about him.

He's absolutely no fear and for a nominal fee he has a lot of untapped potential as he never came through football in the academy system.

I'd have him as a back up here but I'd still prefer Robles if he was happy to stay and fight for a shirt.

I still think there a decent keeper in Robles.
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Not convinced, easy to stand out in a dire side when you are having 30 shots at you a game.

Rather we got a proven mid to late 20s GK.

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Can't see Sunderland letting him go, at least not in Jan.

Moyes said the other day it will be hard to keep him if a big offer comes in January. Maybe getting the fans prepared for him leaving


You need an experienced goalkeeper in a relegation scrap. Moyes will know that.

Pickford will be available if the right offer comes in I reckon.

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