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Player Jean-Philippe Gbamin

I'm liking the look of him in albeit short appearances. Drives forward strong, quick, comfortable in possession. Likes to spread the ball well too.


Think he's going to need a number of weeks, if not months, of bit-part appearances here and there before he's ready to be starting week in week out. But, he does seem to have some qualities we could use.

I just hope he can stay injury free for a sustained period of time.


Alan Myers
He seemed to move around really well and had some really nice, neat touches.

I hope it works out for him and he can stays fit.

Hugo's left kidney

The Everton dads' dad
Small sample size but reason for optimism, albeit cautious optimism.

Until someone tweets a blag injury update and it all goes

will ferrell panic GIF


TEF member
Why do it to yourselves.

The lads got an allergy to football pitches.

Will play no more than 12 mins the whole season... and that's 3 , 4 min sub appearances


Alan Myers
His eyes freak me out a little bit.
Can't wait to see this lad get started. He looks an absolute machine

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